Sister Wives Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Cancelation


How to Cancel your subscription 

If you Paid via the site through PayPal Or credit card option, please email us 7 days before your billing to ensure that billing is removed. Please remember to send the user email for the billing account. The time we ask for ensures there is enough time to remove your billing in a timely fashion before billing. It will also give us time in case we have an issue finding your billing profile to reach you.


If you request Payment cancelation Less than 7 days before billing, we will do all we can to get the request processed; however, Sisterwives can not guarantee that the billing will not happen.

If you remove billing in the middle of a VIP, you will still keep your time until the billing cycle ends.

If you have paid through the Google play store or the Apple Store, You will want to go to your play store account, find the subscription, and click cancel to remove future billing.

Alternatively you may send your request to, or reach us by phone at 1-601-514-0787.

Billing / Membership Types

The Membership chart is as follows:

Each VIP package can be paid via PayPal or Credit Card, and most can be purchased through the App. All packages are recurring billing; Emails are sent out as reminders.

$39.99 USD per 1 month(s) (recurring)

$89.99 USD per 3 month(s) (recurring)

$149.99 USD per 6 month(s) (recurring)

$219.99 USD per 12 month(s) (recurring)

Select your package, then select PayPal or credit card, and once that is completed, select checkout, and then you will be prompted to enter the information in these fields. This is a secure and private Processor, and Sister Wives does not see or have access to the card numbers or billing information.


If you sign up for a subscription, you can cancel at any time.

Canceling your subscription will prevent you from being billed again in the future. You will not be automatically refunded: you will keep the rest of the VIP time you paid for, and then automatically downgrade back to free. 

It is the responsibility of the account holder to cancel your subscription if you no longer want it. We do not refund for unused VIP time. 

Thank you for choosing Sister Wives. We want to ensure a fair and transparent shopping experience for all our customers. Please review our refund policy below:

1. All Sales are Final: Unless under exceptional circumstances, all purchases made on Sister Wives are considered final and non-refundable.

2. Refunds in Case of Fraud: We take fraud seriously and will issue refunds in cases of proven fraudulent activity, such as unauthorized credit card use due to stolen information.

3. Eligibility for Refund: If you believe you are eligible for a refund due to fraudulent activity, you may request one by contacting us via email at or by phone at 1-601-514-0787.

4. Providing Necessary Information: When making a refund request, please provide relevant details about the incident, along with any supporting evidence that validates your claim.

5. Review and Processing: Each refund request will be thoroughly reviewed by our team to ensure its validity. We aim to process eligible refunds promptly once the verification process is complete.

6. Exceptions: Please note that we may make exceptions to the refund policy on a case-by-case basis, particularly in situations involving extenuating circumstances. These exceptions will be at the sole discretion of Sister Wives.

We appreciate your understanding of our refund policy and encourage you to reach out to our support team with any questions or concerns. Your satisfaction is essential to us, and we will do our best to resolve any issues that may arise. Thank you for being a part of the Sister Wives community.

How Charges from Sister Wives shows on bank statements

The VIP membership for will show on your Banking statement as Matchmakers Inc


Please contact us if you feel you were billed incorrectly so that sister wives can look into the issue. You can contact a member of the team at contact (at)

If you issue a dispute without first contacting sister wives, your profile will be placed on a temporary suspension until further review. We ask that you contact us to discuss this issue of billing first. 

Getting Started

Editing your profile

You can edit your profile at any time,

Click on profile edit under your name on the right side.

You can change any information about yourself there; please keep in mind any edits that are done will put the changes into a pending status for profile approval. Profiles are approved throughout the day; there are times when it can take a few hours before the profile changes are approved.

Please note: If you add phone numbers, Facebook, outside emails, Snap Etc, to a profile change, it will be removed. You can send this information through the email platform within the site for outside contact; This is a safety protocol in place. Additionally, if you edit your avatar with such information, it will be removed. 

How to upgrade to VIP

To upgrade from  a free membership to VIP, select any message that you would like to reply to, and it will give a prompt on the bottom, " Please upgrade to continue chat dialog."

Click on the Upgrade button, and it will bring you to the package details; the rates can be found under billing and cancelation; please remember that you will be on recurring billing until you cancel the billing. Please see how to cancel your VIP  under Billing and Cancelation when that time comes. 

User Name

Pick a user name that represents you /your family something unique.

This name can be changed under profile edit.

How to Create a Sister Wives Profile

Once you are on the main page, the site will ask you to login or join. To create a profile, simply click join; the site will prompt you to input your information starting with your Username on the next box; please be sure to use a valid email as you will need to verify the account after approval. 

From there, you will enter your password and your selection for gender; if you are a female and part of a group or couple, your I am box would be group or couple.

While filling out your profile, Remember:

* Be Authentic Share things that are about yourself/s You never know how much of a conversation starter they may become

* Add photos, at the minimum one photo for your Avatar. The more photos, the better take photos of different angles and a long body shot this may help while matching

* Don't leave your about me blank; there is no way anyone will know anything about you with a blank profile

Once your profile is completed and you submit, the profile will go into pending status; you will receive an email to verify the said profile, and then it will become approved, and you will be on your way to find your match

Your Matches

Your matches will be emailed to you via the email on file weekly. 

To find your matches, select my matches at the top of the dashboard, and they will show up. You can also search members/matches in the search bar by typing the username of who you are looking for if you know it or use the advanced search.

Video chat

To video chat through the system

Simply click the profile; under the avatar, you will see a green button that says video call; once you select that option, a new window will pop up, and you will be able to enter your video.

If you choose to use a different program to video outside of the site, please remember to be safe while doing so.

Sending / Giving money to others

Do not send money or gifts to anyone. As a team, sister wives has had many members ask for suggestions on travel costs. Our response will always remain the same; do not do it.

Here is how we suggest paying for travel; if you want to pay for a ticket via plane, bus, boat, etc., sure, but do not pay until that person is in your presence. Call it a reimbursement if you like; along the same lines, do not send money for phone bills, electric bills, or any other bill that is late or being turned off. We say this because yes, there are people out there that will and do need that, but you do not know this person, and there have been many people scammed out of funds.

Sister wives tries very hard to keep all spam off the site; however, they sometimes make their way through. If you ever see this, please email us at contact (at)

Blocking / Following member

To block or follow a member:

If you are no longer interested in hearing from a member, you can block and unblock with the click of a button.

 Click on the said members profile it will take you to their page; from there, you will click the more tab locater to the right of their photo avatar select more, and on the bottom, it will give you the option to block you will follow the same instructions to unblock is you choose to do so. When blocking a member, they will no longer be able to message you; however, the said member will still be able to view your profile. To unblock, follow the instructions above and select unblock.

Following the same instructions above, you can also follow a member if you choose to do so

Using the search feature

To use the search feature, there are two ways:

Search by username: Type in the members' user name if you know it

Advanced search: Select the categories and information you would like to search by and select  search at the bottom

Giving out personal information

As you know, at some points you will give out personal information, including emails, phone numbers, etc., 

While doing this, please be knowledgeable as to who will receive this information. We ask that you be safe while doing so once your chat leaves sister wives, there is no security as to who you are talking with; while we know that at some point you will need to move the conversation elsewhere, we ask that you be safe while doing so.

Adding outside links to profile

Any member that adds outside links to profiles that information will be removed. Sister wives ask that you kindly keep that information private and send it through the private message system. We do this for your safety. This includes your profile information and avatar.
How you can help

How you can help

How can you help?? Do you want to be a team player and have a safe and secure place to find love?

We ask that our members make the site as well maintained as we do; the following will help sister wives to reach our goals.

Be Courteous to each other

Help one another

Respond positively to blogs

Be active

Keep an eye out  - we do try to make sure everyone is here for the same purpose to find love; if you see something, please email contact (at) so that we may have a look and handle any situation that arises properly

Job Opportunities

Are you Looking for a position with Sister Wives?

Following are the current job positions available:

Upcoming job positions:

If you are looking to Invest In or purchase

Please contact us at contact (at)

Legalize Polygamy

Legalize Polygamy

Currently getting married to more than one person in most countries is illegal, however we are hopeful that this will change, especially in the United States of America. Don't let this discourage you, you can live a happy poly lifestyle without getting legally married.
Messaging and Communication

Messaging and Communication

To send messages, open the message box in the top right-hand corner select who you want to message the box will open below; type your message and click the Send Button or the enter button on your Keypad.

You can also attach files here in the message box if you would like to send a file attachment

Time response

One of the biggest issues we see is time response,

If you get a message, please try in a timely fashion to respond even if you are not interested. Many members reach out that get disappointed in the lack of response back, Understandably so; however, please remember that many members work, get home late, maybe tired or bombarded with messages. Sometimes it does take a while for a response, but please try to respond in a timely fashion.

Removal of Messages

From Time to time, Sister Wives must manage and reset emails, which means that there are times when all messages system-wide are removed. Please be sure that if you have been sent a personal email or phone number, you save that information as we never know when this can happen. This is not something that happens often but has in the past, and here at sister wives, we want to make sure your important information is saved.

In addition to this, Messages are automatically deleted after 30 days.



Be sure to add photos to your profile; the more you have, the better.

To add a photo, go to my profile; on the right-hand side, you will see photo albums; select to view all from there, it will take you to a new page you can upload photos or create an album on the top right . once you select your choice, it will ask for an album name and then a description. You can also select individual photos to be kept private and password protected if you choose.

Please remember that any photo with outside information will be removed

Why was my photo removed

Did your photo break our terms of use?

Please revise your photo and resubmit some of the following reasons would by why the photo was removed

* Outside identifying information contact information

* Explicit / Nudity

* Copywritten photos

* Hateful, Illegal or violent

* Photos of children posted alone with no permission



While viewing your profile, you can use your settings to create many different rules. Below is the way you will view the options for privacy in your profile.

On the right side of your screen, select the drop arrow under your user name click privacy; from the page that opens up, You will be able to select permissions for the content other users see the example is below; once you select your options, click save and your privacy can be saved at any time.

Reporting Members and Rules

Reporting Members and Rules

If you are running into an issue with a member, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to resolve the said issue; you can contact us by emailing at contact (at) with the reasoning you can also flag a member by visiting the profile of said member click on more next to the avatar and select flag under this option it will give you a choice to select Spam, Illegal, or offense; however, this does not explain the detail of the issue so we would ask that you please send an email as to what was happening so we can take a look into this.

Why was my account banned or suspended

Your profile could be banned or suspended for the following reasons, feel free to contact Sister wives for further explanation.


* Questionable activity and you need to verify your identity

* Waiting on VIP to expire for profile removal please email us once your VIP expires for removal

* Specifically asked to suspend

* Dispute on payment issued

Banned accounts:

This takes place as a last resort; if you hold a VIP and dispute excessively, you will be banned from access to sister wives



More on safety coming soon


You consent to the rules and regulations outlined in the terms and conditions, along with all the rules posted.
Poly Relationships

What is Polyamory

Please Refer these resources to find out more about polyamory.

Other poly terms

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Password protected photo
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