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Sister Wives is a polygamy dating platform dedicated to helping people find or become a sister wife and connect with other polygamists online. Whether you use our website or app, Sister Wives - the most trusted poly dating and matchmaking service.

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Since 2008, Sister Wives has been dedicated to helping the polygamy and poly communities find their match. We offer a variety of resources including articles and forums to help our members navigate their journey with confidence.

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Wondering if polygamy is right for you? Our professional matchmaking services are designed with your ideal experience in mind. We have helped thousands of individuals, couples, and groups with a variety of backgrounds and preferences find their perfect match!

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Sister Wives is Safe and Secure

Sister Wives Is Strictly Monitored For Fakes!

We know catfishing is a common fear for any dating website, but especially for those looking for a polygamist match. You can rely on us to stay on top of identifying and deleting any fake accounts. We also provide tips and resources that make it easy to identify fake profiles before you get too invested.

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A large part of our membership is couples seeking a sister wife, so we offer VIP Memberships for free to single women to ensure there are plenty of active members on both sides of the journey to engage with. We also welcome all forms of polygamy and consensual non-monogamy, and have a very diverse membership. So you have plenty of options if you aren’t exactly sure what type of multi-partner relationship you’re looking for yet.

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The Sister Wives Dating website is free to join, but we recommend a VIP Membership in order for you to get the most out of your polygamy dating experience. We aren’t in this for the money, so if you’re a VIP Member for 12 months and still haven’t found a match, the next 6 months of your membership are on us.

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Download our Sister Wives Polygamy Dating APP.

The official Sister Wives app is free to download on the App Store and Google Play. All features available on our website are just as fun and user-friendly from your mobile device or tablet as they are on our website. Who knew finding a sister wife could be so convenient?

Polygamy Dating Poly Love

What is Polygamy?

Polygamy consists of one person having multiple spouses and are usually faith-based. The most common form of polygamy is polygyny, which is where a man has multiple wives, and the opposite where a woman has multiple husbands is called polyandry. Be sure to check out our articles to learn more about polygamy and the poly community.

Is Polygamy the Same as Polyamory?

While polygamy and polyamory are both forms of consensual non-monogamy, they do have one main difference. Polygamy is specific to one person being married to multiple partners or sister wives, while polyamory refers to a wider range multi-partner relationships. At Sister Wives, we fully embrace all forms of polygamy and polyamory, and provide all members of the poly community the same opportunity to find the love they seek.

Legality of Polygamy in the United States

In the United States (and other countries) it is illegal to marry someone if you are still legally married to someone else. Poly relationships can still have weddings, but in order to comply with the law it can only be for ceremonial purposes. While we are optimistic that polygamy will one day be legalized, it is important to know that you can still have a happy, fulfilling polygamist relationship where you think of each other as spouses and live together, even if you aren’t legally married.

Passion is Real, It’s just hard to find.

In addition to helping you find a sister wife, Sister Wives also provides a forum where members can seek and share helpful advice. You’ll find that the polygamist community is very supportive and can offer you a shoulder to lean on when you need one. Read what has to say about Sister Wives!

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If you are a paying member and do not find a suitable match after 12 months, the next six months are on us!

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According to a 2018 Global News study, 73.2% of Gen Z use dating apps. While many millennials grew up alongside technology, Gen Z either can’t remember a time before social media existed, or weren’t alive yet. This has normalized online dating and dating apps, whereas previous generations may have felt awkward or uncomfortable doing so.

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Poly dating apps (and dating apps in general) have changed the matchmaking game. In terms of convenience, better matches, and inclusivity, poly dating has definitely benefited from modern ingenuity. Even so, all the apps out there yield a different user experience depending on what a person is looking for in the dating world.

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April 23, 2021

I’ve written my fair share of poly dating guides. I’ve expressed my thoughts on how to become a sister wife, how to bring up polyamory to your partner, and even how to navigate the sexual spectrum of poly relationships. Here, I’m focusing on how to find a second wife--or a third, and fourth without putting any pressure on your current relationship. Your first instinct might be to browse the usual poly dating apps--Feeld, OkCupid, Sister Wives, etc.--but there are other steps you can take beforehand.

How to Tell if Your Partner is Serious About Polygamy How to Tell if Your Partner is Serious About Polygamy

April 27, 2021

In the poly dating world, sometimes it feels like just setting up a legitimate date is half the battle. Casual dating is great if that’s what you’re looking for, but as a polygamist, you’re probably only looking for something serious. Here are some signs of what to look for when figuring out if your newest partner is serious about polygamy - and about you.

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