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Sister Wives is a polygamy dating platform helping people find or become a sister wife and connect with other polygamists online via our website or app. Trust the most reliable poly dating and matchmaking service - Sister Wives.

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Sister Wives has been devoted to assisting the polygamy and poly communities in finding their ideal matches since 2008. Our members can confidently navigate their journey through a range of resources like FAQs and articles.

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Unsure if polygamy is for you? Our matchmaking caters to your ideal experience. Thousands have found their perfect match with us, including couples, individuals, and groups with various preferences and backgrounds.

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Sister Wives strictly monitors fakes!

Count on us to detect and delete fake accounts, and provide tips to spot fake profiles on our site. We understand that catfishing is a concern, especially for those seeking a polygamist match. Trust us to keep our platform safe and authentic, and enjoy peace of mind as you connect with like-minded individuals and groups.

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Simple signup, active women, couples and groups.

Our diverse membership includes many couples seeking a sister wife. To ensure active engagement on both sides of the journey, we offer free VIP Memberships to single women. We welcome all forms of polygamy and consensual non-monogamy, providing plenty of options for those unsure of their preferred type of poly relationship.

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Free access, VIP membership options available.

Join Sister Wives Dating for free, but maximize your polygamy dating experience with a VIP Membership. We're not here to make money, so if you're a VIP Member for 12 months and haven't found a match, the next 6 months are on us.

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Get our Polygamy Dating APP!

Get the official Sister Wives app for free on the App Store and Google Play. Enjoy all features, as fun and user-friendly as on our website, from your mobile device or tablet. Finding a sister wife has never been more convenient!

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What is Polygamy?

Polygamy involves one individual having multiple spouses, typically based on religious beliefs. Polygyny, where a man has multiple wives, is the most common form, while polyandry refers to when a woman has multiple husbands. Browse our articles to expand your knowledge of the poly community.

Is Polygamy the Same as Polyamory?

While polygamy and polyamory are both consensual non-monogamous relationships, they differ in one main aspect. Polygamy involves one person being married to multiple partners or sister wives, while polyamory encompasses a wider range of multi-partner relationships. At Sister Wives, we welcome and celebrate all forms of polygamy and polyamory, offering all members of the poly community equal opportunities to find the love they desire.

Legality of Polygamy in the United States

Although poly relationships can have weddings in the United States (and other countries), it is against the law to marry someone while still being legally married to another person. Hence, polygamous weddings can only be symbolic to comply with the law. Despite the hope for future legalization of polygamy, it is vital to recognize that a satisfying and joyful polygamous relationship can exist without being legally married and still regarding each other as spouses, living together.

Love is Real, and you can find it!

Apart from helping you find a sister wife, Sister Wives also furnishes community blogs where members can request and exchange useful guidance. The polygamist community is known for its supportive nature and can serve as a source of comfort and encouragement whenever required.

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Milton F.
“ Amazing amount of potential partners, and glad it's available in the way it is haven't found a dating site like it. One in a million.


Michael S.
“ It's pretty nice and I greatly appreciate the care of the site. Made some friends and like minded people along the way.


Judaia B.
“ I love this app! Makes it so much easier to stay in touch on the go.

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