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Can we just ponder the irony of someone claiming how important it would be to have good communication to make a relationship work and that SAME person will block you for not a) seeing and b) responding to a message to them after THIRTY MINUTES!!!?  It really does make you wonder how self aware (and lack thereof) some people are who advertise themselves here.  For better or worse, I know myself pretty well,  I can be blunt and very sarcastic, I generally think I balance the line between funny and I am very careful not to offend those who might do something innocent or in jest.  In other words, I try to not let my words hurt UNLESS I want to, which is goes back to my bluntness and inability to ignore when I think something is wrong.  

But that's a long story and trying to learn to ignore better is a process I am working on. ;o)

Regardless,  as I said, I know myself, know my limits, know my wants and what I can and cannot handle.  I wonder how many people have really pondered how they really behave, how they are in and out of relationships, how they argue and indeed, how they communicate.

Or do they, as so many people who sign up in these groups do, feel that 'everything will work out fine with the RIGHT person'  thereby leaving the onus on the other person to fill in those relationship skills gap that these people invariably have.

I am a Christian Street Preacher and Street Evangelist who is searching and seeking for women who wants to become my wives! 

It is not a simple work to find women who wants to become my wives because they come from various beliefs! 

This job to find the right matches for me, and for you other Christian men to find your match(es), can really be likened as the finding needles in a haystack! 

It can be really hard and tough to find women of the right attitude, behavior, manner and conduct! 

At times it can be dangerous to be on dating sites because you might not know men and women very well and might not have known them for a long time! Men and women can slander and lie about you! Men and women can smear your own name! Men and women can even report you! Man and women can avoid and shun you because they hate and abhor you!
If you don't follow what men and women believe, if you don't follow after what is socially accepted, then you might be reported by them and you will be seen as a man who is not a husband material! Then it would be difficult and hard to convince and persuade many of these women to become your wives!
I have enough of reasons to not follow governments who are violating, removing and taking away my rights and freedoms as a Christian and a Believing man!

I search and seek for women who understand and know their spots, places, roles and positions within the marriage!I want a big family with wives and children!
I search and seek for women who are Submissive, Obedient, Humble, Coperative, Attractive, Beautiful, Good, Godly, Holy, Righteous, Just, Sweet, Natural, Normal, Sound, Reasonable, Rational, Logical, Moral, Modest, Mature, Loving, Kind, Trustworthy, Thoughtful and Hateful (Righteous) etc.!
Sadly, I have encountered a lot of Feminists! 
Feminists I have explained as women who has chosen, determined and decided to be Disobedient (Unrighteous), Prideful, Rebellious, Shameful, Untrustworthy, Bad, Evil, Unattractive, Unkind, Uncooperative (Unrighteous), Unkind, Ungodly, Unholy, Unjust, Unrighteous, Ugly, Bitter, Unnatural, Abnormal, Unsound, Unreasonable, Irrational, Illogical, Immoral, Immodest, Immature, Unloving and Hateful (Unrighteous) etc.!
With other words, Feminists are women who are out of place and out of spot, and wants to usurp authority over men and wants to teach men about the Bible! Such women don't want to submit to Biblical Gender Roles! 
Men can never become/be Feminists, but men can become/be Feminist-Supporters and Feminist-Defenders!There can, absolutely, be dfifferent sorts of Feminists! 
Feminism is one of the biggest issues in this world and why many marriages ends up in a divorce!
I have been married myself, but I am divorced since a long time ago due to my former wife who was unwiling to cooperate with me!
A feminist I can see quite fast based on her responses and actions!A feminist is a woman who refuse to work and cooperate with me! If you are a Christian and a Believing man, then find a woman/women who are not a Feminist/Feminists!Find a woman/women who are ready and willing to work and cooperate with you!
Lead, Guide, Love, Care about and Protect these women that you take as your own wives, because there are men and women who wants to influence them to be feminists! Teach women to not be feminists! 
Much better with women who respect and obey the husband than having a woman who disrespect her husband!
There are women who might think and believe that they follow the Bible, but instead they are twisting, denying, rejecting, wresting and distorting the scriptures just because they want to be conformed to this world and have socially accepptable opinions about different topics! 
These kinds of women want to be respected, approved and accepted by this world rather than following the Bible!
I have experienced bad relationships with women, in my past,  who shared not my Christian Faith and Religion, but who left me after a long time together with me! 
I know and understand that it is hurting deeply and much to know women for a long time and then they choose, determine and decide to want to have nothing to do with you because they simply don't agree with you! 
There you have Feminism of today! 
What is important is that you Fear God and Keep the commandments of God and find a woman/women who wants to do the same, and not a woman/women who say that she/they is/are ready for marriage with you and then later on come harshly against you and even wants to report you for telling her/them the truth about what History, Science and Facts teach/has to say about Marriage, Gender Roles, Patriarchy and Age of consent etc.!

I'm back on the line after a while hoping to find a woman (women) that I can have a real connection with
mjhhjm90 Jul 30
If you are too cool to respond to a message someone sends you, I am happy you feel that way. Personally I am not too cool to reply to anyone. I make time to be here and replying is what I am here for. If you don't want to reply because you don't like our pictures, THANK YOU! I don't have room in my life for shallow people anyway. The absolute best response I have ever received from a woman was "I am not interested, I don't think we match." She and I are still talking! I have the ability to chat without any strings. Try it some time, some people on here are very interesting.
wer27944ru Jul 29 · Comments: 5
I love your lips when they’re wet with wine
    And red with a wild desire;
I love your eyes when the lovelight lies
    Lit with a passionate fire.
I love your arms when the warm white flesh
    Touches mine in a fond embrace;
I love your hair when the strands enmesh
    Your kisses against my face.

Not for me the cold, calm kiss
    Of a virgin’s bloodless love;
Not for me the saint’s white bliss,
    Nor the heart of a spotless dove.
But give me the love that so freely gives
    And laughs at the whole world’s blame,
With your body so young and warm in my arms,
    It sets my poor heart aflame.

So kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth,
    Still fragrant with ruby wine,
And say with a fervor born of the South
    That your body and soul are mine.
Clasp me close in your warm young arms,
    While the pale stars shine above,
And we’ll live our whole young lives away
    In the joys of a living love.

Prophet Jul 19
The best way to get people to read what you write is to keep it brief. I have come to the conclusion that most people are looking for Ken and Barbie. Let me tell you this, Ken and Barbie suck. They are not real people in that they are fake in their actions. I love my fat wife and she loves me. We may not be pretty as Ken and Barbie but she is one hell of a woman who puts up with me. More to come.
wer27944ru Jun 21 · Comments: 2

This was a response I gave to this question on another forum.  I thought it would go well here to help explain my comments in our profile about the first wife. . . .

Since this question is asked on a Biblical Poly forum. . . . . In my opinion, all the wives have equal status as they’ve all been made wives.  That being said, not all wives are honored the same.  That depends on the relationship that they’ve created with their husband.  As I see it, biblically, there is always a special honor for the mia wife in a family, usually because the family that the rest of the wives join is one that she was integral in helping to create.  The man would not be a verifiable quality husband without her efforts and involvement, and her perception, attitudes and outlook on life and a poly family proves that he’s the kind of man that can succeed with additional wives.  She will experience and overcome a level of emotional and cultural turmoil that no other wife will be exposed to, and will usually be entrusted with a higher level of trust and responsibility than the other wives.


Does this mean that she should “rule” the household?  Most definitely not!  There is one husband and only one head of any household, and a man that has not established and jealously guards his headship is a husband who will fail at poly.  A husband that has not transformed his wife away from these type of feminist tendencies has proven he’s not ready yet IMO.  Any of the wives ruling the house or trying to rule unchecked will bring disaster or gross dissatisfaction with the family unit from all parties.


Just my .02. . . . . .


*********Props to you on your wife.  Very few men in our culture have a wife that is logically tuned to natural truth that way. With one or two exceptions, most accepting wives that I’ve seen are ok with it primarily because they are anticipating sexual benefits from incoming spouses (with the exception of fundamentalist Mormons who have grown up in the culture and understand the intrinsic benefits)


As to the jealousy issue, jealousy is not wrong or evil when its used properly.  Case in point is that God is a jealous God and this means that he is very protective over his people and demands exclusivity.  He also demands loyalty and obedience as a result of this attribute.

For his people to be jealous among themselves over his attention or resources, that is an evil jealousy because it is usurping and manipulative.


I personally do not believe that a man is called to polygyny any more than he is called to matrimony.  Both are a natural outcome of choices and decisions and natural desires in a man’s life.   Some men are more prepared for matrimony and polygyny, and some wives are more prepared than others.  I believe that all men have the right, but most will never be successful because most have squandered their credibility and influence as head of their home thru mismanagement of their spousal relationships and finances and parenting.

This doesnt mean that they cannot improve and transform into a husband or wife that would be great at poly, it just means that they’ve usually got a lot of work to do to be ready to take that step. 

VV76 Jun 16

My name is Lin and I would love to know about this lifestyle for several reasons and I guess security is my main concern. If I choose to live in a plural situation, what do I truly have with my partner? I guess I am just worried and not quite sure where to start

LMW0495 May 12
After reading through a few blog posts on the site, I noticed that they all seem to come back to this idea that it's god's will or Christ's teachings that are guiding people to this path.  That's all fine and good, but I'm curious if there are others out there that are looking at this type a family unit from a more reasoned approach.  Just for clarification, I'm not suggesting that making choices based off of religious doctrine is impractical or unreasonable or whatever, but more that you are following a path that has been laid out before you.  Not having ever been religious, nor athiestic, I only have a layman's understanding of religion, so I can't and won't judge others based on their beliefs.

As for the practical side of things, I'm refering to basic pros and cons of this type of family.  The biggest appeal to me is the idea of 'more'.  More members of your tribe.  More real coonections.  More skills and ideas in your household.  More people to back you up and for you to back up.  More family members to share the challenges/burdons of child-rearing, home-ownership, and general living.  Now, the 'more' I speak of sounds self-serving, but it's a means to an end.  It allows you to have more time to devote to your loved ones, raise you children into better people, enjoy life, and help your family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers to enjoy their lives more too.  With mre people, each of you requires less time to devote to the ratrace of life, and therefore, more time to devote to yourself and each other.

In a world filled with societies that are seeming more and more predatory, there is strength in numbers, in unity.

Dani37 May 12 · Comments: 3
Can someone help me with how to secure that a first wife has to do

LMW0495 May 9 · Comments: 2
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