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hi everyone, and i'm pleased to be back.  

i'm not breaking any new ground when saying that this has been a very hard year.  i won't even get into politics, i promise :). it's been hard because it's been isolating, and things like depression can take over. i was active here in the spring, when at least as we emerged from the hard times of April, i felt some sense of hope, but then we had waves of challenges here in FL and other southern states, and it honestly made me withdraw.

that was a hard thing to do, and not the right thing either.  i could protect myself, but in doing so, i harmed myself by not allowing the exploration of the loving relationship with a Man and my sisters that i so deeply crave, and need, and that God has told me is the way to live.  it was humbling to admit that alone i do not have the strength, but in partnership with a Man and my sisters, i can find strength.

And so, here i am again!  i remain all the things i've come to know myself to be: smart and caring, humble and submissive, a believer in God and His way, and ready to be in service to my Husband.

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I just want to make a blog to share this experience. I feel isolated in my community because I don't know other polygamous families in real life. In my religion, Islam, its allowed. Yet many Muslim friends don't accept it. They look down on it and gossip like thinking things such as "If she was really a good wife, then he would need another wife...Or she must be lazy or not able to please him. These comments really mess up the marriage of any polygamous family.

They are irresponsible to say or think.

Why do people make that choice of being mean over being kind?

It an important question to ponder...

Its like its easy to be sarcastic, hostile and mean but being kind takes effort. IS this really true? I doubt that. Look at yourself when you were a carefree child...Did you really walk around insulting and judging others? If you did then I feel sorry for you.

We know instinctively that being kind is natural yet we don't do it as much as adults anymore.

This is really a tragedy.

Im an introvert for precisely this reason. I would rather be alone and preserve my basic human intuitive sense then mix it up with all the extroverts who compromise their values to appease each others need to belong.

We need introversion in this world....

Introverts in a world thats global and everything can be shared easily would help make things more safe and calm. Let the old broken ways of extroversion die already please!

It was a very nice passing for Sheridan our Golden Retriever with mouth cancer today, a good last several hours together starting with a walk this morning. Laps of Love is such a great way to do this sad event.
Seeing if anybody from South Carolina on this

Isaiah 11:13. The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim


This seems to be the primary source of contention within the poly household.  It is also one of the biggest fears that can exist within the household.  The first wife’s fear of being marginalized by the husband as his infatuation for a new wife overcomes his sense of decency and order.  This coupled with the new wife’s inexperience in how to be a good wife to her husband and sister to her sister wife,  tends to lend itself to a perspective and attitude that is destructive to the wellbeing of all parties and the household in general.  It’s a perspective of selfishness that manifests as vexing the first wife.  The first wife becomes jealous and envious of the second, and the second, misunderstanding and misconstruing her influence in the house, begins to build her own house by dividing his house.


This entire dynamic is completely and easily avoided, simply by the presence of a strong husband who clearly articulates his vision and boundaries to all the family, and secondarily by the women practicing and exampling the fruits of the spirit to each other.

VV76 Aug 18 · Comments: 1

Where Can a Couple Seeking a Sister Wife Go?


Sister wives aren’t really a common subject for discussion for people outside of the polygamous scene, but thanks to various TV reality-shows and an expanding internet database, they have started to become more accepted as a phenomenon. Although the idea of having more than one wife might tempt some, when seeking a sister wife, one should understand that even though it might be a less than traditional arrangement, certain rules still apply. That is why one is recommended to do some serious research about what it means to have more than one wife and how to handle such a relationship.


What Are Sister Wives?


For most people involved in traditional marriages, the idea of multiple spouses might seem ridiculous, weird or even shameful to even discus. They might think that being in a monogamous relationship is the only way things should be done and any kind of alternative to this lifestyle is wrong. But what is for some normal might not mean the same thing for somebody else. Thinking back to the old days, arranged marriages were considered normal back then and parents deciding their children faiths since birth was widely accepted. In some parts of the world this is still the norm. But normality is relative to the individual and his background, and that is why judging somebody for doing things differently isn’t always the best course of action.


For instance, sister wives might seem like a difficult concept for many people to wrap their head around, but for others it makes perfect sense. In the world of polygamy this is a normal thing. It refers to at least two women sharing the same husband and acting as if they are sisters. There is nothing sordid or unnatural about it. Although it might offend some people and go against some civil laws that doesn’t mean that the act itself is bad by nature.


Sharing the same husband, and even the same household, has been a common happening in many cultures around the world. The man would marry multiple wives and even have children with more than one of them. The views would take care of the household together and even raise their children together. This was their “normal”. They would behave as any other family and the husband would take care to give each wife the same amount of attention.


Common Misconceptions About Sister Wives


One of the biggest misconceptions about a polygamous relationship is that it is nothing more than accepted cheating. Some might argue that as soon as there are more than two partners in a relationship, that relationship seizes to exist because there is nothing intimate anymore. This is not the case with polyamorous relations and especially with marriages with multiple spouses. All the people involved in such a relationship are consenting adults that understand that they need to communicate and share their love and affection for one another. Although the relationship usually involves sexual relations with multiple partners, that doesn’t mean that the people involved are cheating on one another.


Another myth about marriages involving more than two partners is that they usually break the family apart and end in divorce. Although some of these marriages does end in divorce, that isn’t a rule. Traditional marriages end in divorce as well, and usually even more frequently than polygamous ones. Whatever reasons people might have to enter or exit a relationship don’t necessarily have something to do with the nature of the relationship. Firstly, nobody is forcing anyone else to enter that relationship in the first place. Secondly, divorcing someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot continue to have a relation with that person.


When people decide to get involved in polyamorous relations they usually do so after careful consideration and extensive talks with their partners. The whole idea of bringing other people into a relationship is to improve one another through shared experiences and to have somebody to help you and be beside you when need be. Aside from the sexual part of the relation, polyamorous relations are about communication, being open minded and trying to improve your understanding of others.


What to Know When Seeking A Sister Wife?


Anybody who is seeking a sister wife should understand couple of things before they rush to the altar. Firstly, anybody looking to bring another woman into a relationship should know that some major adjustments have to be made. A second wife isn’t just a live-in friend for your first wife, or a permission slip to have sex with somebody else. It means that you truly understand one another, are accepting of all your qualities and flaws and agree on sharing whatever life might throw at you. Bringing another woman into a marriage is a subject that should be discussed at length with your partner and everybody should understand what is about to happen.        


Another thing that is very important to understand when talking about multiple wives is that finding one isn’t as simple as placing an ad in a paper. Polygamy already has a sort of a bad reputation with the more traditionalistic crowd. You might need to do a bit of searching before you find somebody that wants the same things as you do. But, as in any marriage, finding your second significant other takes time and patience.


Where to Go When Seeking A Sister Wife?


Although the alternative lifestyle scene has been getting more and more mainstream acceptance, it isn’t really there yet. People still need some help if they want to meet like-minded men and women. Luckily for them, there are people working on providing them with the necessary tools to do so. People like the ones over at, which are building a dedicated platform in order to build and bring together a community of people looking for something different. Just as Tinder or other dating apps, people that practice an alternative lifestyle have their options when it comes to meeting others just like them.


For the ones that prefer a more traditional approach to finding another “ball and chain” there are always the well-known meeting grounds. Special clubs or other meeting spots that are dedicated to enabling people to come together, without having to be in the public eye, and indulge in their passions.

Published By: Christopher Alesich & Robyn Alesich 

Matchmakers, Inc: 

Lonely and need a adventure ❤️
Mandii1815 Aug 11 · Comments: 1
Hey everyone,

I would like to write this one time, and be done with it..

Lets start off with who am I?

My wife and I have worked in the Aerospace/Defense Industry for the last 11 years.
We have currently left our jobs because of inside information that was rather disturbing, and we feel its only right for everyone to know about it..

So I am here to tell everyone what I personally know is going to be happening to our country very soon..

This whole covid19 ordeal was a "Live exercise" for what?
to gauge the people to see if anyone would stand up for their Civil Rights, and because nobody has, this next lockdow,n you will be locked-down permanently and the government will be coming door to door under Operation House to House to vaccinate you.

I have seen the medical documentation on this vaccine and I would urge you all if you're believers in Jesus Christ to NOT take this vaccine.

Your economy and your jobs have been destroyed to save you from a boogy man virus, when in all actuality its been used as a cover to seize your Constitutional Rights.

I have sources that work for the Pentagon and that are employed in FEMA and they have told me to relocate my family now before this "2nd Wave" hits this Fall.

This Fall is when EVERYTHING will change,

These sources do not know each other and they are all saying ruffly the same things and that is,

1) Mandatory Vaccinations

2) A Comet Cluster is going to devastate the USA this Fall.

3) We are going to be attacked by Russia/China with a EMP.

Where do I begin..

Lets start with the Comet Cluster, it is expected to impact the earth in 2-3 months and they said, by Sept-Nov
everyone in the country "will look up, and see there is a big problem" I was told they are expecting at that time riots and the roads to be flooded, and I needed to be relocated before that or I am stuck..

The forced vaccinations... Goodness.. If you are a REAL Christian then believe me when I say this!
DO NOT TAKE THAT VACCINE, it will Rewrite your DNA from being the creature Jesus Christ made you as, and you will no longer be human in His eyes.

C - 3

O - 15

R - 18

O - 15

N - 14

A - 1

Corona is 6 letters long..

C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet, right???

O is the 15th letter, right? (and so on..)

So Corona is 6.

Add all the other letters up and you get 66

That equals 666 the mark of the beast.

I would highly urge you to stop believing that a Mask is for your protection its really a symbol as a muzzle.. but that is not important, what is important is everyone of you to know what is coming and your blood is on your own hands and not mine..

If the moderator does not approve this, then the blood is on their hands per Christ and the Watchtower Parable, so I am not here to panic or stress, and or fear monger people.. But you seriously all need to wake the hell up and see what time and season we are in...

There is NO going back, when the American people decided to NOT stand up for the US.Constitution, when all those in office breached their Oaths, you gave them the Green-Light to push the final agenda forwards.

Now you will see vaccinations come out optionally then you will have it become mandatory and you will not be allowed to drive, fly, work, go to a store until you show vaccination proof..

What can you do now??

- Get your life, and household in order with the Lord Jesus Christ
- You can use your money now and get things you won't be able to acquire later.

- Relocate if you want too.

- WARN OTHERS, Blame me, but seriously I am not joking with anyone on any of this..

- PRAYYYY because Donald Trump has turned his back on the Lord Jesus Christ and has taken the Devil up on his offers... the classified info I have on that is disturbing and I do not feel like being murdered the way a brother was for almost releasing that info.. But seriously Pray and get ready for the fight of your lives because its coming.. This Fall!

peace be with you all.

I am deleting my profile FRI so copy this info before its to late.

- Go pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and He will confirm this information is the TRUTH.

Hello everyone! So I noticed over time many people have stated that they are meeting people who are not quite willing to adjust or just simply work well with their team. I get where you are coming from.  Polygamy when done right is simply the best and right life. Most creatures on the earth reject monogamy, and even the ones who are claimed to be a part of monogamy are not really monogamous. Humans for thousands of years lived polygamy; over 90 % of human societies have been polygamous. The ones that were not did not reject it but did it from time to time. Point is Polygamy is the natural way of the earth. We are currently having a break down in monogamous relationship because what is unnatural cannot last. My encouragement to all of us is not to give up on this beautiful life. It is more fun than monogamy. The teamwork aspect is beautiful. We need to bring this more into society, come together and demand for this beautiful life to be more pronounced. In the meantime hang in there, have fun and never give up on finding your addition to your family. 
I get very discouraged the longer we've been actively seeking (6-7 years). In the beginning, we knew we had found the absolute dream. She was shipped to Kuwait for a year and came back in one piece. Sadly she was killed in a training exercise not a month later. We still have a hard time with that separately.

Since then we have dealt with dishonesty, lack of chemistry, differing views on raising children, ghosting, aspirations that needed to be chased, and outright psychopaths. We are exhausted but we know this is where our family is supposed to be. We want the stability for our children, the extra love. We want to share everything with someone. We aren't unethical "unicorn hunters". We're too old to be risking one night stands anymore, atleast on a regular basis. 

My dilemma is how do we find this wonderful person? How do we find someone who wants what we want? I am honest from the get-go and yet we still have a miscommunication along the way. I am hoping for a resolution soon, to make someone happy with us.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I appreciate it.

JupiterKamaya24 Jul 21 · Comments: 1 · Tags: love, triad, throuple, multiple
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