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Lonely and need a adventure ❤️
Mandii1815 Yesterday, 08:28PM
Hey everyone,

I would like to write this one time, and be done with it..

Lets start off with who am I?

My wife and I have worked in the Aerospace/Defense Industry for the last 11 years.
We have currently left our jobs because of inside information that was rather disturbing, and we feel its only right for everyone to know about it..

So I am here to tell everyone what I personally know is going to be happening to our country very soon..

This whole covid19 ordeal was a "Live exercise" for what?
to gauge the people to see if anyone would stand up for their Civil Rights, and because nobody has, this next lockdow,n you will be locked-down permanently and the government will be coming door to door under Operation House to House to vaccinate you.

I have seen the medical documentation on this vaccine and I would urge you all if you're believers in Jesus Christ to NOT take this vaccine.

Your economy and your jobs have been destroyed to save you from a boogy man virus, when in all actuality its been used as a cover to seize your Constitutional Rights.

I have sources that work for the Pentagon and that are employed in FEMA and they have told me to relocate my family now before this "2nd Wave" hits this Fall.

This Fall is when EVERYTHING will change,

These sources do not know each other and they are all saying ruffly the same things and that is,

1) Mandatory Vaccinations

2) A Comet Cluster is going to devastate the USA this Fall.

3) We are going to be attacked by Russia/China with a EMP.

Where do I begin..

Lets start with the Comet Cluster, it is expected to impact the earth in 2-3 months and they said, by Sept-Nov
everyone in the country "will look up, and see there is a big problem" I was told they are expecting at that time riots and the roads to be flooded, and I needed to be relocated before that or I am stuck..

The forced vaccinations... Goodness.. If you are a REAL Christian then believe me when I say this!
DO NOT TAKE THAT VACCINE, it will Rewrite your DNA from being the creature Jesus Christ made you as, and you will no longer be human in His eyes.

C - 3

O - 15

R - 18

O - 15

N - 14

A - 1

Corona is 6 letters long..

C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet, right???

O is the 15th letter, right? (and so on..)

So Corona is 6.

Add all the other letters up and you get 66

That equals 666 the mark of the beast.

I would highly urge you to stop believing that a Mask is for your protection its really a symbol as a muzzle.. but that is not important, what is important is everyone of you to know what is coming and your blood is on your own hands and not mine..

If the moderator does not approve this, then the blood is on their hands per Christ and the Watchtower Parable, so I am not here to panic or stress, and or fear monger people.. But you seriously all need to wake the hell up and see what time and season we are in...

There is NO going back, when the American people decided to NOT stand up for the US.Constitution, when all those in office breached their Oaths, you gave them the Green-Light to push the final agenda forwards.

Now you will see vaccinations come out optionally then you will have it become mandatory and you will not be allowed to drive, fly, work, go to a store until you show vaccination proof..

What can you do now??

- Get your life, and household in order with the Lord Jesus Christ
- You can use your money now and get things you won't be able to acquire later.

- Relocate if you want too.

- WARN OTHERS, Blame me, but seriously I am not joking with anyone on any of this..

- PRAYYYY because Donald Trump has turned his back on the Lord Jesus Christ and has taken the Devil up on his offers... the classified info I have on that is disturbing and I do not feel like being murdered the way a brother was for almost releasing that info.. But seriously Pray and get ready for the fight of your lives because its coming.. This Fall!

peace be with you all.

I am deleting my profile FRI so copy this info before its to late.

- Go pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and He will confirm this information is the TRUTH.

Hello everyone! So I noticed over time many people have stated that they are meeting people who are not quite willing to adjust or just simply work well with their team. I get where you are coming from.  Polygamy when done right is simply the best and right life. Most creatures on the earth reject monogamy, and even the ones who are claimed to be a part of monogamy are not really monogamous. Humans for thousands of years lived polygamy; over 90 % of human societies have been polygamous. The ones that were not did not reject it but did it from time to time. Point is Polygamy is the natural way of the earth. We are currently having a break down in monogamous relationship because what is unnatural cannot last. My encouragement to all of us is not to give up on this beautiful life. It is more fun than monogamy. The teamwork aspect is beautiful. We need to bring this more into society, come together and demand for this beautiful life to be more pronounced. In the meantime hang in there, have fun and never give up on finding your addition to your family. 
I get very discouraged the longer we've been actively seeking (6-7 years). In the beginning, we knew we had found the absolute dream. She was shipped to Kuwait for a year and came back in one piece. Sadly she was killed in a training exercise not a month later. We still have a hard time with that separately.

Since then we have dealt with dishonesty, lack of chemistry, differing views on raising children, ghosting, aspirations that needed to be chased, and outright psychopaths. We are exhausted but we know this is where our family is supposed to be. We want the stability for our children, the extra love. We want to share everything with someone. We aren't unethical "unicorn hunters". We're too old to be risking one night stands anymore, atleast on a regular basis. 

My dilemma is how do we find this wonderful person? How do we find someone who wants what we want? I am honest from the get-go and yet we still have a miscommunication along the way. I am hoping for a resolution soon, to make someone happy with us.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I appreciate it.

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people can't handle constructive criticism and react very defensively to it. All I can say to it is, if you can't handle a bit of online criticism, you DEFINITELY cannot handle polygamy.  This is not the life for the very sensitive. 
VV76 & Co. 's Hiring Philosophy, for consideration of Start-up businesses.

Applicants will be dismayed to learn that VV76 & Co. is a draconian branch in a firm that requires absolute loyalty from it's partners. Applicants with employment histories that list companies still doing business will be rejected, unless sufficient evidence can be presented showing breach of contract against the applicant. Applicants without relevant work experience may be considered, as may applicants who have previously worked unpaid internships, as well as applicants whose previous company has fully closed down.

Other start-up companies would do well to follow this model. Nothing saps capital like the mandatory severance package that accompanies a departed employee. Maintaining a mission driven concern under these circumstances is not optimal.

Any applicant that wishes to be taken seriously must state their understanding that the job they are applying to encompasses the verbiage "other duties as assigned" in its post orders. Job functions may change abruptly due to mission creep or strategic shifts handed down from Corporate Headquarters.

VV76 & Co. does not support an extensive internship culture. All work done by interns will be voluntary and no intern will be asked to perform any job function of an employee, nor will any intern be allowed to perform any of the essential job functions of an employee. Blurring the line between employee and non-employee really screws with payroll and opens up the company to unacceptable liability.

All applications should be handed in directly to Corporate Headquarters. There is a a door that says Human Resources Department at the VV76 & Co. branch, but curiously it is being used as a janitor's supply closet. Whether this is an oversight or a joke is unclear.

This is due to the large number of potential employees that are at odds with Corporate's business model and mission. The number of employees these days who want to turn a branch office into a private business has truly poisoned the hiring pool.


Loyalty is Job #1 : Central to Corporate's business model is complete rejection and hostility to the current economic system that most other business concerns operate under. There is no real way to know from year to year what we will be ordered to do. This can create stress and fatigue and isolation, so it is imperative that all employees understand that the well being of all other employees is a top priority for each employee to address.

Corporate Rats Welcome: Chain of command is strictly enforced at the local branch (VV76 & Co.), with the exception that every employee is encouraged to personally communicate and take all issues, large and small, to the President and Founder. It is the experience of this branch that employees who have a strong relationship with Headquarters are the most profitable employees. Any employee that does not prefer the management style or direction the local branch is taking can and should take it up with the President to ask for assistance. If the local branch is ordered to adjust its practices due to employee communication with Headquarters, no adverse action will be taken against the employee. In fact, a bonus will be awarded to the employee for helping our branch remain mission focused.

Corporate Function, Entrepreneur Attitude: While it is true that VV76 & Co. will likely employ any applicant with a Presidential recommendation (and good luck getting one!), this local branch considers itself to be an 'operative branch', enacting hostile takeovers of other businesses to come under corporate umbrella. Ideally, all employees are motivated to be personally engaged in some aspect of this. Ultimately, we derive our worth as a branch from our ability to acquire businesses for Corporate, not in accumulating mundane profits or swelling employment ranks.

Young business owners are encouraged to consider the aforementioned attitudes and practices and see if VV76 & Co.'s model can be utilized in whole or in part for your venture.

Good luck!
VV76 Jul 3

I think we're hearing pretty much the same tune: you adjust to me, but don't expect me to do any adjusting.

My statement to them is that you are joining a family already in process/ progress. 
When someone comes into the theater and the movie is already started, they just need to absorb what they can and get with the flow. The movie isn’t going to stop and start over for them. 

You want to join my family? Bring a full toolbox so that you can adjust yourself to fit.

This was a conversation between a couple of my Poly male friends about potential SW’s wanting to join the family.

For those of you who are believers, or know anything about Christianity, Does Christ accept you as you are?  Of course!  Do you really want to remain in the condition you were in when He accepted you into His family?

If your answer is that you dont want Christ to change you to be more like Him every day, then I’d humbly submit that you have bigger Spiritual problems.  In my mind, that means you do not understand Christianity at its simplest form.  Our goal as believers is to be transformed into someone that He can present to His Father without spot or wrinkle.  This is just our reasonable service Romans 12:1&2

Joining a believing family is much the same idea.  As husbands, our primary job is to be able and willing to cover and shelter women who want to know and be more like Christ, and to help steward them to be more like Him, and to be fruitful and multiply, both physically and spiritually.  

Who doesnt believe that theres a better version of you just waiting and longing to emerge? Your New Years resolution just told on you! God gave the world husbands to facilitate that incredible transformation into your best you.  

Just my .02, and not every married man is a husband, just like not every married woman is a wife.

Peace, Love and all the Fuzzy Stuff!

VV76 Jul 3
are you out there???
Lokking for a sister wife.. are you her??
Been looking for a long time all I've running in to allot of head gamers & gold digger liers. 

I'm Just keeping faith she'll come our way and wants a family that can offer her lots of love and compassion.someone hung up on  in exterior looks but really seriously settling down and growing ❤ together. As a family.

Growing together spiritually as one big happy family.

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