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Looking for a third in Cali if anyone is interested
Kiachamp3100 Yesterday, 10:23AM
We sold our house AND bought another...almost in the same day!! YIKES!!! And WOW!!

we're gonna love the older home but more than anything a nice quiet neighborhood!!

Can't wait...except for...all the packing etc.!!  YIKES and DOUBLE WOW!! LOL!!

We are excited!!

Looking for a polygamist couple looking for a single female. I would love to date and possibly build a future.
sarahs23 Mar 17
Love is meant to be multiplied not divided by jealousy. This is a calling not a lifestyle for everyone..
Mea2016 Mar 16 · Comments: 1
So I'm sitting here at the local truckers cafe writing this. You know when you renovate your home things get destroyed? Like your walls and suddenly your bathroom is in transition. What was ( and shortly will be again ) a home, is like a strange camping experience. We needed to do a renovation but I never knew the physical pain and the emotional struggle that redoing a house brought on. Austin is trying to get everything wrapped up, but the truth is, we are in limbo. We both work and the people who did the last renovation, well they shouldn't have been allowed to do anything. Wires put together with duct tape, Sheetrock over holes ( basically nothing between the exterior and that Sheetrock), and a lot of other things that even I, an amateur at this, can see is wrong. Who let these people add on to their home Willy Billy ? I mean they must have been drinking and getting bored and suddenly they remembered they had some lumber and Sheetrock outside. Anyway, we are correcting things and getting to put our personal touch on the house. Paint colors, bathroom redesign, adding a screened in patio which is my favorite. Going to turn the house into an oasis, as long as we can get on the same page with the design. It means that I have to give up some things like using wifi at home but hopefully everything will be put back together in the next couple months. The warmer weather will help. What colors look good with grey cabinets in the kitchen? I'm debating on a few but what do you think?

One "traffic" case the appellate judge ruled he didn't have jurisdiction, so now our clock is ticking to file an action on the prosecution.

Second case is a Federal civil rights action and we have less than a week to respond.

Third case is a "traffic case" removal to federal court where we countered and default the Plaintiffs. Our 12/20/2018 response to the federal district court's attempt to remand has kept the case in federal court.

If fighting for justice is part of your thing then checkout our FB "Law Geeks" study group.

Ok, So we have been chatting with someone on this site for about a week. So she is in college supposedly. So i've been texting her and she tells me that i haven't talked to her in 3 days. Well I HAVE! Today she says, I have something to ask you, In school today my professor asked me to pay $550. So can you send it to me and i'll send you the information to where to send it. But I need it by Friday!. That way i can pay it and start my relationship with you. What The H...? Is this normal? I don't know this person except through some text messages. If she was here then I could see helping, or if we WERE in a relationship. But not only after just a week and not really knowing her. Has anyone else been faced it with this and how do you respond? I'm so lost....We have had nothing but bad experiences from these people. We want a honest, committed relationship and we just can't seem to find it in anyone to wont the same. Are we doing something wrong? We need help!
Julie_Robby2603 Mar 13 · Comments: 5
My first blog post was more lets have some fun.  Who are we?  And what is our life like?

We love to get outside!  We enjoy the indoors too, movies, dinners, games with friends....but when we can we go outside.   We have horses and love to ride them.  We have motor x bikes and love to ride them.  We love dogs...but currently don't have one    We get out and go backpacking and enjoy the exercise and the peaceful places we find out here in the west.  We also go to Yellowstone, Disney, snorkel and play in the Bahamas every year.  We like the Olympic National Park by Seattle.  We love to backpack into the Wind River Range of Wyoming.  We also just hang out and ride mountain bikes on the world famous Slik Rock in Moab.

We are animal lovers too.  But, we realize that we are not we eat meat and the best source of meat, and the most humane way to get that meat, is to hunt it like our ancestors once did.  So, we go hunting and enjoy the woods together each fall when the Aspen trees here in the west turn yellow and the snow dusts the peaks.  We teach the boys...and the girls that will come .... how to care for the meat, take it home, and then make it into soup, roasts, and jerky.   100% natural and the cleanest and most humane source you can find.

She loves to cook, to ride horses, to hunt, travel, catch some sun in the Caribbean,  spend time with her friends, and have fun anyway possible, play cards with the ladies, ya!

We love life!  We have so much fun together.  We want you to come too!  Friends or whomever.  Lets go party in the outdoors!  Then go to dinner....filet mignon at our place


Growing up, even as a young boy, I always knew there was more.  I grew up and was raised as a Mormon boy with all the great things that includes like becoming a Boy Scout, learning to speak in front of congregations of 500 people, playing basketball, studying the Bible, and going on campouts with the guys.  It was great but something was missing.  I read about polygamy in our history and I, even though young, understood why they would choose to live that lifestyle.  It made sense to me even at the very young age of 12 years old.  I had never met a family that had a plural life but I could imagine the happiness it could bring. As I grew older I knew that "we", as humans, as people, as spirits, were capable of so much more that what our society was telling us was "normal".  Not because it would make a god, or the God, happy....but because it would make life here better, happier, and more complete.....if done correctly...if the people involved understood how to live "the right way" with each other.  (the "right way" is subjective but a later blog post I hope

I grew up Mormon but left for a time.  I was married and had babies.   Then, realizing I didnt like how tough some of our culture was and how devoid of any thought towards a spiritual life many people were, I decided to go back to the Mormon (LDS) faith to help me instill morals and God into the hearts of my children.  It was important for me to raise my babies with a sense of who God was, that they are important to me and to themselves, and that they were with others who were striving to be moral and good people.  However, as time wore on I could see the "childishness" of the religion.  The requirement to do certain things that didnt make sense to me on any level.  The requirement to be something that seemed only for mans sake and not something that a god would want.  And at some point I realized that I knew more about life and spirituality than those that were teaching me and my children. So I took the best of what the LDS church had taught me and decided to be independent but moral, brave but humble, religious but not relentless, meek but not mild.  I would teach my children the best of what I had found.  And free them from the burden of religion.  And be more enlightened about our spiritual side of life.  

I remember feeling so free when I realized that I do believe in a God, but if there was a God, he would love me as a person no matter where I went to church, even in my own front room, or on a camping trip with my family, that if there was a God, he would want me to succeed and to return to be wherever he is and be happy.  That he would not look down on me for wanting more, for loving more, in fact, he would find joy in my joy as I wanted to make a larger family and see all of them experience the joy of living in a home that was full of love, soft-spoken words, activities to build relationships, and so much more.  I realized that society and structure had created a family system that was breaking down.  A monogamous structure giving men too much power and leaving women alone, tired, and afraid.  I realized that men and women are different.  I want to love and protect her and my children.  And she wanted more bond with the women around her. And, the way to have true happiness was to love more, be more, do more, and to give more.

Some men, and some women, though mostly men, would be horrible at living this lifestyle and would damage homes, mothers, and lives.  To live this lifestyle I can see that the father of the home needs to be gentle with children, ensure situations are dealt with in a soft tone and with love, and fathers need to work and secure the needs and wants of the family, additionally fathers need to set an example of loving others and being respectful, but most of all they need to create a safe home, a place where little ones can grow and become whatever it is they are meant to become.  Understanding, compassion, love, trust, charity, and confidence that he is doing the right thing to help those around him...those are the foundation to a sound family relationship and a beautiful home where children can become so much more.  And where women are empowered, supported, find companionship, and thrive as they each reach their goals with the support of sisters.

I would have 1000 wives if I could.  It is not about physical intimacy, although that is important, but it is about wanting to spread my arms and gather in all the sweet, amazing, sad, and lonely people I see.  I see so many women wanting a man but realizing their options are young men with an uncertain future and no responsibility.  They either can choose a young immature man or find one that has had many divorces, has baggage and has proven not to be able to build a house for a family.  So many women are left by their husbands and now caring for their babies and the extra burden of finances.  Anna understands and supports my desire to help and love those around me.  However, I can only do so much directly.  I can see that if a husband takes on too much responsibility then his family suffers.  There is a balance that needs to be found in order to create the best harmony in a families life.  So as much as I would help thousands, I can only realistically reach a few directly.  Perhaps 3 women under my roof and their babies.  And, as a family we will reach out and help others and as a team, as a family, we will help hundreds....and more.  

As I have emailed some women here letting them know I would be interested in getting to know them better I have worried that they won't know my feelings about life and love and family and will just assume I am like other men in the world that seek physical intimacy only.  I have sought to put here, in writing, a description of what can be, a recipe for happiness that I ascribe to, a way of life that brings harmony, and a commitment that I am willing to give to whomever next blesses my life with theirs.  We are excited to meet her, eager to find her, and love the idea of what can be, but not for the same reasons the rest of the world gets excited.  We want to give more, love more, and ultimately be more.  And not just for a minute, a year, or a fleeting time.  We are a forever family.  We believe that people who marry and have children should only do so when they are ready to commit for life....or God willing....eternity.   Through thick and thin we love and encourage each other.  Loyalty to each other and to the children will set a foundation upon which love can work to create a family and a future some only dream of.  And, in this lifestyle, love and abundance will be flowing from multiple directions to each other at all times.  We, as a team, as a family, will create.... heaven on earth if you will.

I put this here because you are wondering, who is he, what is his intention in contacting me, why, when, where?  Now you know a little about who I am.  The rest of the questions can be answered quickly if you have any....just say Hi. 

Know that if you say hello we understand that it is a simple hello.  We know it will take time to get to know each other.  At least we will get the chance to possibly make a new friend.  And that is worth it.  We are excited to meet new friends and people that believe as we do and to create a future and a life that is more full of everything.

Whatever your circumstance, whatever your past, know that I am here, we are here, a safe place in the storm, a heaven on earth, a warm place to grow.  

Come find me, come find us, come if you are ready and willing to be a part of a something bigger, to be more, to spread love, to enjoy life, to be........................a family.

Noblebeau Mar 11 · Tags: family, love, forever, trust, god
Pretty short on this topic, but it was an eye opener for me that I should be a little more transparent with my kids about some of our potential life decisions. I had an interesting encounter with my daughter today about polygamy, and I figured some of you might get a laugh or at least share the pain.

I was on my phone this morning responding to a couple messages on Sisterwives when my oldest daughter (Hannah/8) trots over and gives me what I thought to be a hug. After a second, she acts startled and yells out "DAD, ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A SISTERWIFE???" Apparently, she had started reading my private conversations while giving me a quick hug. (Despite my best attempts, my children at times have no regard for manners or personal space.) Either it was a lack of understanding the privacy of an IM, or she was simply snooping to see what I was doing, but she quickly deduced that I must be looking around for another wife. Oh boy.

After that outburst, Hannah started getting upset with me. I assume it's probably due to jealousy for her mother (coming to her defense as her father was "stepping out" as she interpreted it), so I couldn't get upset with her righteous indignation. I'm glad that she is defensive of her mother and will even go to bat with Dad if I'm not treating Mom well by her interpretation. I gave Hannah some background as to why we are on Sisterwives, and simply told her that we're being open to the possibilities. I didn't go into everything, but I gave her enough to help answer some questions.

Anyway, my lesson from this is while the husband/wife might be open and on the same page with polygamy, it might be worth mentioning to your older children what possibilities you are opening your family up to. You will need to decide what your children might be ready for. Either way, don't let them find out by snooping on your phone... it's much more difficult playing defense than offense .

(In Hannah's defense, after we started talking it turns out her biggest concern was that she didn't want a baby brother since girls are so much better....... I can only hope and pray that she keeps that attitude for the next 12 years.)
DanSmith Mar 9 · Comments: 4 · Tags: family, funny, lifelesson
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