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First of all, as a lead up to what I want to share, I’m very excited that the owner of this website is working so hard to implement security measures that will keep everyone here in check and honest about who they really are. This site is a tremendous resource to link the honest of heart together who are seeking family relationships so long as its not abused by perverts, players, the immature, and global scam artists. Anyone who has integrity and is here for the right reasons will have no problem verifying that they are who they say they are as being legitimate. I can’t wait to validate that I am who I say I am and that our family is for real. We honestly are seeking for true biblical plural marriage with sister wives of which our family can be happy and flourish.

When I think about integrity, I think about relationships, eventual marriage, and overall family where everyone is honest and committed no matter what life will throw at a family. I have learned to be more selective with whom I communicate and trust when it comes to the dating scene, due to past disappointments and the sad reality of the world we live in. Integrity is not found much nowadays because people have such a disposable view of relationships. Marriage is degraded as more of a buzz word to pacify others until the going gets tough or it’s no longer convenient. I have met several people even on here who come and go. They have an account with one username, they talk to you for a while and then they flake out or disappear altogether. Months later, they come back under a different username. The lesson learned here is to be aware of who you are speaking with and look out for red flag signs or lack of integrity early on. If a person cannot or does not want to speak on the phone or can’t find time to return a simple message, they probably either don’t have integrity, or they are trying to live a pipe dream in which they are not mentally capable or mature enough to handle even monogamous marriage, let alone plural marriage.

It is very important to ensure that whomever comes into one’s life and family, that they be of the upmost integrity and stability. If they do not have a grasp on the realities of life, how can they possibly commit to something as critically important as the overall family and marriage? If they don’t have a down to earth approach about God, life, and sticking through thick and thin as marriage covenants and God rightfully demand, they do not have the endurance nor do they have enough integrity to even be truthful with themselves, let alone those whom they will undoubtably hurt. Choose wisely whom you date, who you allow to take up your precious time, and/or allow into your family!
Hi I am Joshua. I just wanted to reach out and invite anyone who wants someone to talk to to hit me up. We can share experiences and grievances. We can chat about life or about nothing is up to you. Single, married couple, Would love to hear from you!
Relationships is based off of the word relate. In order to build something or see if each other can become involved, you have to be able to communicate. What’s the purpose of being on this site or any other site that involves wanting to be in a relationship, if you do not know how to prioritize your time? Meeting each other and talking on the phone gives the parties involved a basis of how life maybe in that persons company. It’s too many hurt people that hurts people on this site and many others. Know what you want and “pursue” what you want period! Life is not complicated but indecisiveness causes complications. We hope everyone happiness and love ❤️
To each their own and all...

That being said, one of the things that is jumping out to me a fair amount is just how many profiles demonstrate that several people are here looking for a good time, for new partners for sexual liaison or seeing the plural marriage pop culture boom and thinking it would be some kind of yolo adventure and that it might be cool for a while. That is what I see in the single women's profiles. In some of the couples profiles however it is far more of the predatory to desperate spectrum and I do not even slightly wonder at the fact that many are mystified by the lack of any response. In other couples profiles you will see the it is all about the ego stroke for the man equation being played out.

At the end of the day, personally I don't particularly care about being perceived as judgemental when so many are approaching plural marriage for all the wrong reasons. All that it will end up with is games being played, hearts being broken and families pulled apart. 

Plural marriage is first and foremost a marriage. It is about love, permanence, giving each other support and the bonds of family. Plural marriage is not about jumping on the latest fad, it is not about your sexual fantasies or pumping up your ego. 

Yeah yeah... standing on my soap box and preaching to an empty room. I know. Lame and pointless. It is frustrating though to browse through the site and see a handful of those who clearly take the idea of polygyny seriously and who are seeking their family or their new wife that are clearly having to wade through a sea of those who might be more suited to plenty of fish or some other hookup app. 

This is supposed to be about love and family not being part of a fad.

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