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Hello Blog, I wanted to share how wired the women down south is about plural marriage or dating, maybe you all notice the same things in your area. So when meeting ladies out here they like what the see, nice looking young guy, cars and clothes on point, own my own business and always on a trip somewhere. All the women know I have a lady but are still willing to go out of town, except offers to have dinner or go clubbing, but when I attempt to introduce them to my lady they feel like they are too good to be number 2 or if not that, they believe they would be disrespecting their values by getting involved into a polygamist relationship. And that's what brought me here, I figured It would be good to find people in our community to hang out with and get more resources on meeting people who share our lifestyle or desired lifestyle. 
Pilotshy Yesterday, 11:20AM
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How many people (families or singles) do you talk to at one time? At what point is it disrespectful to keep adding people? Think about it. (If anyone even reads this.) Think about yourself and also make sure to think about others! After all, we as a community are full of so much love. I need to focus my own love right now. I’ll keep you posted.
loveandgratitude Sep 22 · Comments: 1
When you feel alone, you probably aren’t. When you don’t feel great about yourself, there is surely someone else who is there, too. If you have questions, remember there is indeed an answer. Also remember it may take a while to find it. Live your truth and everything will be okay.
loveandgratitude Sep 21 · Comments: 1
What are red flags? Yellow flags? White? Do we create issues that aren’t even there because we are scared? Think about it. Everyone has a goal. A relationship they seek. Is it ok to go into the world blind in this lifestyle? What do people truly need to prepare? Do extended families need to know the plan? What secrets must you keep from the world in order to live a polygamist or polyamorous life? Is everyone on the same page or do some people not know their own page? What is self sabotage? I always question doubts. My own. Those of others. At what point does everyone go forward in the same direction? I agree that communication is everything. I think we all do.
loveandgratitude Sep 21 · Comments: 1
Just upgraded to be able to connect and I'm impressed with the site! I don't know if these are the comments that belong here-so forgive me if I'm out of line. My husband and I have been discussing the subject of adding a sister wife. We are ages 53 and 54... Profile said KIDS? I put "no" , meaning us not an interested party with kids. It asked SMOKERS, I answered honestly even though we are absolutely dying trying to quit. Oh boy now i'm editing.... kids all grow and live hours away although we visit as much as possible. We just considered adding a sister wife to bring 3 as close together as 2. Thanks!
addone Sep 16
Love is freedom. We are not adjusting to the confines of what other people want us to be anymore. Life is air. I am finally starting to breathe.
Do you ever talk to potential mates you really like and wonder how it really went? Do you ever think of whose “criteria” will match? I have a hard time prioritizing the list of what matters most in a relationship. Is it having things in common? Level of optimism? Lifestyle? Is it the feeling in your gut? Age? Looks? Location? Is it everything? Sometimes I get the feeling that people (including myself) focus on the minutia and not the big picture. If you really like someone, you will make a way to accommodate a new partner or partners. I mean there are only a relatively small number of “us” out there. Do we move mountains to be together or get stuck on silly details? Forever-love doesn’t come easily. I just wonder how stubborn we should be when it comes to qualities in a mate/mates. Maybe someone has the answer. I don’t. Love is a river, not a lake.
Just kidding. Blah blah blah to come! Hmmm. I would like to start a blog about the experiences of a single woman who puts herself out there for love. There are a lot of us. We are doubted my many. Those who have come before us have broken a lot of hearts. We are questioned, even often interrogated. I suppose self-doubt is normal all the way around. Can you imagine things growing organically and openly? If you can, that’s great. Really, this needs to be done with resumes. People say things like about telling them your hobbies and how they will benefit the family in order to be “considered.” I just think it sounds funny. Considered. A job. Being a sister wife or in any form of polyamory is a job. We might as well be sitting in a waiting room with our lists of recommendations. And that goes on on both sides. I can try to wish it were different, but I guess this is our reality. Let’s do it with more warmth. Easier said than done. We get pressured. Sometimes we are inundated by emails. Sometimes we have zero. That almost compounds the feeling of pressure. On ourselves to be successful in love, loneliness. It’s like ”Hey wait, I am cute. Where did everybody go? How do I prove myself? Do I need to be cuter? Have more money? Where have I gone wrong?” It’s a silly thing, but so many of us feel it. Hmmmm. Plural love. Plural marriage. I was at dinner with the in-laws (if you read my profile, you’ll see I’ve been widowed 14 years. But the in-laws are always in-laws!). They started talking about polygamists in Utah. The typical talk: Disgust over FLDS. I looked over to my 17 year old daughter (who knows all about my beliefs and my search), and I opened my eyes widely to speak to her. I shaked my head. I thought, “Will you Stop speaking about the stereotypes from tv? This is different. What will happen when I meet the right family? Will they think I am even more of a weirdo? Will they talk about the Bible and monogamy? Will I have to go further into polygamy being normal in the Bible or keep my mouth shut? Will I just present it as ‘none of your business?’ Will they be disgusted?” That’s the internal pressure. Let. Me. Breathe. Love is freedom. Allowing oneself to believe in abundance. No limits to joy. Giving oneself the freedom to just live. Just be. Be love. Sigh. I know I am a romantic. But I am indeed alone. Climbing the rungs of self knowledge to the heights of sharing lives together. Those are my thoughts of the day.
I saw a previously initiated discussion about expectations of a sister wife. I, myself am single looking to go into a plural marriage. This discussion about the expectations one has joining a marriage. What would be ideal?
Tanta1023 Aug 28 · Comments: 3
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