Hate or Jealousy? from TheDon's blog

The average person sees a dude with a Lambo.

Do they think:

"This man followed every rule. School, College, Uni. He did what he was told by society. Good for him!"


"This man broke all the rules! I could never afford that. How can you achieve so much without cheating or manipulating others? How do I look compared to him?"

When you hear someone hate on you as a man, or shame you as a woman, for living an abundant life, what do you really think is going through their mind?

"He must be manipulating these poor women! They only want his money!"


"I could never have that life... I don't understand how that works.

People are MUCH more self absorbed than you think. 

They don't care about YOU, but rather how you make THEM feel...

When we can't "make sense" of something, can't wrap our minds around it... That is when we get frustrated and upset.

If people are not happy to see you thriving, it is because they are barely surviving. They are not living up to their egos. Because hate doesn't come from above.

I have found it VERY insightful to see who appreciates you, who's opinions you should value, and to know who sees you as a threat to their ego by just being honest in everything I do in life.

Don't associate with the hate.

Let the haters HATE while we CREATE!

If you have any stories about people not accepting your big family tell us how you overcame the situation. 

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By TheDon
Added Feb 23 '2023, 3:41 AM


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