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Dear Friends, The nice thing about the net is that we can meet people from all over. The difficult thing about the net is the potential for long distance relationships. In fact, unless you live near a large, metropolitan area, you are almost guaranteed to have some distance between you. Since one of my wives is from another country, I know what this is like. 

The fact is, true love conquers all, even a ocean's worth of separation.  However, there has to be something really special between you to make it work.  For us, we were drawn together by the Holy Spirit.  I remember being in the middle of Africa, where very few people spoke English, and I looked a  woman praising God during worship. My spirit felt like it wanted to jump out of me and go be with her and I heard God say, "She is to be your wife."  I knew, that I knew, that I knew, that I was supposed to be her husband.  The rest is a long story of many miracles, which I might share later, but the point I want to make today is that the type of love that will make a long distance relationship work is from above.  If there is a spiritual connection with your potential mate, it will draw you together no matter what the obstacles. All of my three mates have been like this and I feel strongly that any other mates will be powerful, spiritual partners too. 

What is not always understood, for many who are drawn to this lifestyle, it is a spiritual need within them.  Natural minded people think it is all about sex, but that is simply not true.  For a couple or a group to be open to share their love and lives with each other, many times it is God who is directing them to do so. 

Poly is a difficult family relationship for a few reasons.  For one, most of us are not brought up in that type of culture, so we have no real world examples that work.  For another thing, at least in western countries, it is not an accepted form of relationship.  Thankfully that is changing.  There are finances, sleeping arrangements, child care issues, and many other areas that need to be worked out between people with love and patience.  For us, what has gotten us through challenging times, is knowing deep in our hearts and spirits that it is God who called us to this type of life. 

I note many people on this site identify as Christians.  I recommend that you pray and seek only those mates that are spirit lead and know God deeply.  Furthermore, seek to let God connect you spiritually first, no matter what the distance, because a mate given by God that lives in another state is better than someone who is not authored by God who lives next door. 

If God is involved and authoring your union, distance is irrelevant and I know this for a fact.  The right one is worth the effort!

Big hugs and lots of love,


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By michaelk
Added Dec 10 '2020, 9:21 AM


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