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Get a bit shaken up when the female in the couple reaches out.  I think (I am the female in the couple) it is very healthy when the woman reaches out - at least you know she likes you for something not just she is interested in a physical relationship.  Even though some women are interested in that but still there should be nothing to shake them up.  

I notice if I reach out and just say "Hi" they will respond and chat until they realize its a female then it goes dead and they disappear.  If I reach out and say "Hello, this is Adriana and I like your profile and we like to know you more- and NO I am not Bi"  I never hear back from them.  Their profile says they want friendship with the couple and sisterhood with the female but their actions completely different, maybe one or two did respond and I will be darn they wanted a sexual relationship with both of us, something I can't do.  

Anyone else notices that? 

Anyone else is going thru this?  You reach out and nothing, the lady sends no response at all, she says she is down to earth and wants to do this, that and the other but without even saying hello, she ignores you completely.  I thought maybe they don't know how to use the site, but they do because they are be friending other people, so We accept it and move on, then the other situation we start texting and it goes very beautifully, half a day or so then the lady disappears, either you see her online but she is not even responding (then we know she might not be interested and doesn't want to say), but why not say it and be adults this is a matching site no guarantee to do anything for you, just bring people together, why not give the other party the courtesy to say "thanks but no thanks" its OK.  It happened and it was beautiful, we wished her the BEST and we both moved on.  

What scares us the most are the ones who vanish, no response to the texts and you can't see them online anymore or they blocked you and you don't know and you are in constant state of fear or worry that you have done or said something wrong without meaning to, and all you want to do is get to know the person and maybe understand what is wrong.  

Please write feedback on the situation or are we indeed doing something wrong.  Thank you 



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