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Dear Friends,

One thing that is difficult to find on the net is transparency.  We all have experienced instances where we thought we knew someone well, only to be ghosted for no apparent reason.  Thus, all our trust levels are set on various degrees of cautious. The good thing is, that despite of the inherent challenges of meeting someone online, nevertheless, we are here!

There are all kinds of reasons people are curious about the poly lifestyle and each one of those are valid in their own way.  For us, we have been "called" to this lifestyle.  Called to us, since we are Christian believers, means that we feel God wants us to live this type of family arrangement.  It is a spiritual desire to love more than one person and create a loving family unit. 

For some time, a few months, I felt like God wanted me to become a paying member of this site, however, I semi-resisted the notion, because we already have a very nice family situation.  The more that I felt God goad me to join, the more I tried to understand why.  The short answer to that is, "just because God said so."  A somewhat longer explanation is that I believe there is someone here that we are supposed to meet.  Obviously, that would be as a potential partner for our family, but maybe not.  We are open to both. 

I said this in order to be open and honest with everyone so that we might be transparent.  One thing that I try to be is forthright with people so that there is less chance of misunderstanding or hurt feelings.  In the end, our goal is to love and be caring for others and we hope that those we meet will have a similar heart. 

The other thing I wanted to share is that we are not your typical Christian believers.  I was looking at one profile where the woman seemed one way, but in my spirit I saw her differently.  How people present themselves is not to say they are not open to know God if they really met Him. 

If you are serious about learning more about our family, we would definitely like to meet you.  Seeing if there is an opportunity for friendship is a great place to start.  Like many, we are not primary looking for intimate relationships, we just assume that intimacy is a given at some point if a spiritual connection develops.

As I said, I am not disparaging anyone for how they feel or believe, I just wanted to open up a bit and let those who may be interested know a more about where we are coming from.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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By michaelk
Added Dec 8 '2020, 11:52 AM


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