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Sister Wives is a polygamy dating website and app for those seeking a meaningful connection. If you're here, you're looking to find a sister wife, become a sister wife, or connect with others in the poly community.

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With a track record dating back to 2008, Sister Wives has been facilitating honest connections within the polygamy and polyamorous communities. Join us to start or grow your polygamy journey and connect with others.

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Curious about becoming a sister wife or where you fit in the polygamy community? Our matchmaking service will ensure you have an experience that’s ideal for you. We’ve helped thousands, including individuals, couples, and groups, find their perfect match.

Open Minded For All Poly & Poly Seekers

We welcome and embrace all forms of polygamy, polyamory, and consensually non-monogamous relationships and provide plenty of options for those unsure of what kind of poly relationship they resonate with to discover community. Discover a diverse community of individuals seeking various types of poly relationships and find the love and match you need on Sister Wives Dating App & Website.

An Active Polygamy Community

We maintain a catfish-free environment by actively detecting and removing fake accounts, ensuring an authentic and enjoyable experience. We understand how important authenticity is before you get invested. We provide resources to help you identify safe profiles, ensuring your safety as you are Seeking a Sister Wife. Trust us to keep our dating platform secure and authentic, connecting you with like-minded individuals and groups.

Start Free or Get A VIP Membership

Single women looking for a polyamorous relationship receive a complimentary VIP membership, while others can join Sister Wives for free with a basic membership. We recommend a VIP membership for the best polyamorous dating experience. But we’re not here for the money. If you're a VIP member for 12 months without finding a match, we'll offer an additional 6 months free.

Modern Features To Make A Real Match

Our modern poly dating platform includes detailed profile options to allow you to filter and find the perfect match for you. Message (or video call) with users directly, start or join group chats, or comment on photos with users you’re interested in. Meanwhile, our advanced polygamy matchmaking system analyzes every user and suggests potentially compatible matches. Get started on our website or by downloading our app from the App Store or Google Play.

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What is polyamory and polygamy?

Polyamory refers to a wide range of consensual multi-partner relationships, while polygamy involves having multiple sister wives. Sister Wives welcomes and celebrates all forms of polygamy and polyamory, providing an opportunity for all members to find the love they desire.

What kinds of polygamy are there?

Polygamy refers to one person being married to multiple partners, often due to religious beliefs. Polygyny involves a man having multiple wives and is the most common form. Polyandry refers to a woman having multiple husbands.

Is polygamy legal in the United States?

Although polygamists can have weddings in the United States (and other countries), it’s against the law to marry someone while still being legally married to another person. Polygamous weddings carry only symbolic, not legal, value. Despite the hope for future legal recognition, it’s vital to recognize that a satisfying and joyful polygamous relationship can exist without being legally married and still regarding each other as spouses, living together.

Love is Real, and you can find it!

In addition to helping you find a sister wife, Sister Wives also provides community blogs, where members can seek and share helpful advice. You’ll find that the polygamist community is very supportive and can offer you a shoulder to lean on when you need one.

Network with potential polyamorous and polygamy partners around the world on Sister Wives
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Jerome F.
“The Sister Wives app is a great place to meet the partners that think the same way you do. The site works well and has lots of options to match you with that special person. I never had a problem with the app or the administrators.”

Milton F.
“Amazing amount of potential partners, and glad it's available in the way it is. Haven't found a dating site like it. One in a million.”

Michael S.
“It's pretty nice and I greatly appreciate the care of the site. Made some friends and like-minded people along the way.”

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Video Chat

Experience face-to-face connections with our user-friendly video chat technology, available exclusively to our VIP members. Engage in voice and video calls to communicate visually, even when separated by distance. This feature ensures you can avoid suboptimal matches and foster deeper connections.

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Our advanced polyamorous matchmaking system carefully analyzes each user to find potential matches within our community. We understand the anticipation of finding your ideal sister wife relationship, which is why we'll promptly notify you via email and/or notifications as soon as we match you with a potentially compatible polyamorous partner.

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Detailed Profiles and Filtering

During profile creation, we'll guide you through answering essential questions about yourself and your desired partner(s). We encourage honesty, even if you're uncertain. By developing detailed profiles, you gain a preview of the platform and the chance to explore before deciding on a VIP membership. Interacting with other members requires a VIP membership.

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Fun Ways to Interact and Chat

Engage in a variety of fun and interactive ways to connect on Sister Wives. Enjoy one-on-one messaging, join group chats, leave comments on photos, and even create your own blog. Sister Wives is more than a polygamy dating site; it's a vibrant community. We provide multiple opportunities for members to interact, share their journeys, and connect with like-minded individuals on our website or by downloading Sister Wives from the App Store or Google Play store.

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