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Dear Friends, I personally believe there is great value in being authentic. First of all, when you are authentic, it helps people know how to interact with you. You are not vague or misleading, so it saves a lot of time that may otherwise be lost by people not understanding where you are truly coming from. 

It demonstrates credibility and honesty to those whom you speak with.  A real conversation with a person who is being authentic, has a certain "ring" to it.  Therefore, from the outset, trust begins to be established which forms the basis of any meaningful dialogue. 

It demonstrates that you are serious about meeting someone.  When you are authentic and open, it lets people know that you don't have hidden agendas, but rather are up front about who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship.

Authenticity, tends to discourage those who are not authentic themselves, thus saving both parties a lot of time. 

A poly relationship must be based upon authenticity so that those who are participating can know what is really going on.  In my experience, the poly scene is rife with people who really are not sure what they are looking for and thus don't have a clear idea of how to communicate what they want.  It would be better to know what you really want and then be honest about it with others.

Being authentic also gives you confidence to talk with others in a sincere and open way.  You are, for instance, able to share about your life and your goals with others without having craft some answer you think they might like to hear.  I really lowers the threshold of anxiety a lot. 

I encourage all to open up and share honestly with one another.  There is little down side to doing that.  After all, friendship takes time and their is plenty of opportunity to get to know if others are the one or ones you are compatible with along the way.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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By michaelk
Added Dec 14 '2020, 12:54 PM


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