this year and finding strength from sisterprincess's blog

hi everyone, and i'm pleased to be back.  

i'm not breaking any new ground when saying that this has been a very hard year.  i won't even get into politics, i promise :). it's been hard because it's been isolating, and things like depression can take over. i was active here in the spring, when at least as we emerged from the hard times of April, i felt some sense of hope, but then we had waves of challenges here in FL and other southern states, and it honestly made me withdraw.

that was a hard thing to do, and not the right thing either.  i could protect myself, but in doing so, i harmed myself by not allowing the exploration of the loving relationship with a Man and my sisters that i so deeply crave, and need, and that God has told me is the way to live.  it was humbling to admit that alone i do not have the strength, but in partnership with a Man and my sisters, i can find strength.

And so, here i am again!  i remain all the things i've come to know myself to be: smart and caring, humble and submissive, a believer in God and His way, and ready to be in service to my Husband.

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Oct 17 '20
Its been a hard year for everyone that I know including my self.
Oct 18 '20
It has been a definingly tough year. I hope and pray that it gets better for you.
Oct 18 '20
thank you :)
Oct 19 '20
Glad you are safe and made it back, we hope everyone is safe and the way of life can return to normal soon and be with the ones that we love.
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By sisterprincess
Added Oct 17 '20


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