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It’s been since nov 2017 that my ex got our attention and we started fighting her in chancery court instead of being civil rights litigants.

This month, July 2020, we finally won custody of my disabled daughter. :) !!!

So now we pray for the almighty of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to guide us as we get back to prepping and litigation efforts or whatever he has planned for us next.

One "traffic" case the appellate judge ruled he didn't have jurisdiction, so now our clock is ticking to file an action on the prosecution.

Second case is a Federal civil rights action and we have less than a week to respond.

Third case is a "traffic case" removal to federal court where we countered and default the Plaintiffs. Our 12/20/2018 response to the federal district court's attempt to remand has kept the case in federal court.

If fighting for justice is part of your thing then checkout our FB "Law Geeks" study group.

We aren't really available right now as we in the trenches of fight a religious free exercise battle in the courts. If fighting evil is part of your thing then checkout our FB group "Law Geeks".
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