A Note to Single Women from MarkNiwot's blog

...and single mothers with children, especially young ones...

Hopefully by now you can see what's coming.  Myself and others have been warning about it for a long time now, and we're there.

You have probably already seen empty shelves.  It will get worse - much worse.  And if you thought the riots were bad before, wait until this country sees genuine widespread hunger for the first time in its history.  The major cities will be a nightmare.

Which is why I am thankful many here are able to see the benefit of a larger loving family.  ESPECIALLY in a more rural area - and the further from major populations, the better.

I also encourage people to understand the fragility of the power grid (as an electronic engineer, this has been on my mind for well over a decade now).  It's why we are 100% off-grid here, in every way (solar, primarily).

Be thinking now about what is coming, and what you are able to accomplish.  By the time most people wake up to what has already happened, it will be too late.


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Feb 23 '2023, 1:02 AM
Yeah things are getting a lot worse than food shortages. Our food supply is getting nuked with chemicals from these chemicals spills and chemical fires. Stock up on fulvic acid supplements as clean food will be hard to find or even grow on your own.
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By MarkNiwot
Added Feb 15 '2022, 8:04 PM



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