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The world can be a complicated place to try to navigate.  I wonder sometimes if the world is wrong to most encourage the socail makeup of couples.  I think the world would be better if families were poly generally.  Consider the advise and friendship we all add to eachother.

When everyone works to build up and encourage the other.  When we all celebrate eachothers succcessed but also help deal with the hardships and sadnesses that come.  Together as a team, all things are possible.  We offer support and care to one another.

I think a good team, a family that is us against the world is such a loverly dream and wish.   I know it can be more than a dream.  I have had this once.  It was beauiful.  Its not all about sex although many outsiders might think it is.   I think it takes a good deal of emotional maturity to reach the point that your ready for poly.

All members of the family share, and grow with eachother as that discover and support oneanother.

Good morning, its late and i am about to go to bed.

I decided i would write a little about my hopes.  I hope to meet a family that one to add another.  That want a lifelong commitment.  Not a passing fad, and nothing that will be instanst, but taking the time to know me as i learn about them.  adding to one another, building a future together is my dream.

I know im older than most girls, im 47 now, but i hope im not too old.  I would never be happy as just a single couple and i dont want that.  I need a family.  i am too old to have children, my about to hit menapause.  I have no children.  I have no debts, other than my student loan but thats not a big issue.  My degree should allow me to move anywhere easily.

I have pets.  I have a dog and two cats who i adore.  I am a confident girl, I have travelled a lot.  I think I have a lot to offer, if nothing else than my knowledge of backgammon.

I used to be in a poly, but sadly he died or i would still be there.  Being poly was the happiest time of my life.  It truely is an amazing way to be.  I love having sister wives i can speak with and make friends with.  

I hope one day perhaps with this web site i will connect with a new family.  Tread once more upon this path.


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