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JingoFamily Nov 12
Everyone has their ideals obviously but I am not so unrealist as to imagine that some fictional perfect woman is going to show up with all my wish list boxes ticked. I am fully aware that there is no telling who is really right for you or what situation  will come along.

That being said though...

Is it unrealistic to hope for someone who is not obsessed with their appearance, what pop culture thinks is important in the transient moment, focused on the next dopamine hit of approval of strangers on the internet? 

Is it weird to think that living lives that are more focused on working together towards common goals or simply spending quiet time together sounds more satisfying than going to bars or "out" constantly? 

Is it funny to think that depth is more important than something shiny on the surface?

I am afraid that I am failing to communicate the idea I have in my minds eye. Hopefully some small peripheral part of what I am trying to get across will come through.

theoneo Nov 18
Not at all.  There are real people around.  All it takes is patience, honesty, and putting yourself out there at every opportunity.  I wish you well. :-)
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