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Apr 18, 5:48 PM | By Chris

What are the best podcasts about polyamory? Our recommendations are: Making Polyamory Work by Libby Sinback, Throuple Talk Podcast, Non-Monogamy Help by Lola Phoenix, American Poly and Glamorous and Polyamorous. Why do we recommend these particular podcasts? Read on to find it out!

Our List of Best Polyamory Podcasts

Living poly might sometimes be difficult – it comes with its own challenges, and unless you actively mix with the poly community, you might find it hard to overcome them. This is why, apart from finding like-minded people on poly dating apps, we also recommend reading expert articles and listening to podcasts – you’ll often find solutions in such resources.

Let’s focus on the best polyamory podcasts now – which of them can help you overcome obstacles in poly relationships or hear real-life stories? Here’s the list!

Making Polyamory Work by Libby Sinback

Making Polyamory Work is a great podcast if you want to gain more information about exploring polyamory comfortably. It tackles a variety of topics: from discussing how to set boundaries to discussing emotional topics, like compersion in polyamory or jealousy. It’s a great source of advice for those embracing the poly lifestyle, so we strongly recommend it!

We also need to mention that Making Polyamory Work often features a variety of experts. This makes it a great source for polyamory coming out, but also to get deep insights into the most important aspects of being polyamorous.

Throuple Talk Podcast

Like Making Polyamory Work, the Throuple Talk Podcasts tackles some of the challenges in poly relationships. Great at it is, there’s something else that makes it one of the best podcasts about polyamory.

The strongest side of the Throuple Talk Podcast is its “Meet the Throuples” series. As the name suggests, each episode involves a different throuple being interviewed and describing their life stories. It’s a great way to get more down-to-earth information about what being poly looks like if you’re just considering it or simply to learn more about the lives of other people in the poly community.

Non-Monogamy Help by Lola Phoenix

Non-Monogamy Help is a podcast dedicated purely to poly relationship advice. The host, Lola Phoenix, tackles all related topics, from more everyday and mundane ones to discussing emotions and intimacy. All of the answers are provided with the help of a therapist, which makes it a truly reliable source of information.

Also, the Non-Monogamy Help podcast sometimes offers Q&A episodes, so it’s a great place to seek poly advice!

American Poly

American Poly is a more down-to-earth podcast about polyamory, which makes it great if you seek everyday advice. It discusses emotions, but it’s mostly focused on intimate relationships. Do you want to learn how to navigate the poly world but you’re not ready to commit to a long-term poly relationship? Then this is a podcast for you.

Glamorous and Polyamorous

This is undoubtedly one of the best podcasts for those just becoming poly. It debunks the most popular myths and discusses the most fundamental concepts about polyamory. It’s excellent if you feel that you need more info to decide whether you want to become poly or not or you seek advice on how to do it.

The Takeaway

These are, in our opinion, the five best podcasts about polyamory. Do you feel that we didn’t mention a podcast that deserves to be on this list? Then, share your topic picks in the comments and let other people in the poly community learn what other poly podcasts deserve their attention!

Also, check out our tips to build commitment in polyamorous romance!

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