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Ashley Jan 16
Why does this seem so hard 
cwc419 Jan 18

I think it is hard because plural relationships are a higher calling the monogamous ones. It's not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of 'wannabe' polygamists out there. They think it's a cool idea at first, but in couples either one or both don't really know what they are getting themselves into, and singles can pretend they do until they start getting attachments to them and they run away.

It is hard, but if done right it strengthens a couple more than anything else in the world can do, even if they never find a single. The important thing for singles to do is look for the sincere couples, the ones that have been tested. But, I do agree with you, it is hard.

JingoFamily Jan 19

Could you put a finer point on what you mean by hard? You could mean hard finding the right person for your family and vice versa or you could mean hard from the point of view of your husband potentially having a new wife some day...or you may have a fist full of other notions. Break it down for us a bit and I suspect someone might have some helpful words. 

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