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Polywifen Dec 28 '20
As my country lost its bloody mind and decided to leave the EU, I wanted to make it plain that I totally appreciate the EU and will happily marry into it.

But where are my euro polygamists and why are Polygamists outside of the States hard to find? 

Some reasons I believe to be possible.

1) The USA is far more religious than most of Western Europe, this leads to people reading the Bible more and noticing Polygamy in it and therefore deciding if it is allowed, they too can do it.

2) There is a homegrown cultural tradition of polygamy in Mormon polygamy, which therefore doesn't have the 'oooh scary foreign people and there funny ways' veneer that people have with polygamy in Europe.

3) There is a lack of social support in the country that makes people feel that they might need to think outside of the box more often to get ahead, this is especially true for people who see Polygamy as a form of economic advancement and wealth building by pooling resources and investing heavily in business and education. 

4) Americans don't mind seeming a little weird.  

Anything else you can think of?

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