Polyamory Philosophy

May 10, 5:16 PM | By Chris

Polyamory is a philosophy – there is much more to it than just engaging with multiple romantic partners, as many people imagine it. It can take various forms; all people involved know about the others; it’s all about compersion – managing jealousy through feeling joy out of your partners’ happiness. In this article, we shall look at it in more detail, so read on if you want to find out more.

Polyamory Philosphy and Compersion

The first and one of the most important elements of this philosophy is compersion in poly relationships. In simple words, this is an approach where you feel joy whenever one of your partners is happy.

Compersion helps deal with jealousy in poly relationships, so it is of the utmost importance in the polyamory philosophy. However, we need to mention that it can be applied to more than your love life. Even in everyday situations, compersion helps you build healthier relationships with your friends and colleagues.

The Philosophy of Polyamory Regarding Relationships

Being poly means that one… engages with multiple romantic partners, and that is just it. There are no strict boundaries regarding what a poly network should look like – poly people embrace what works best for them.

Naturally, there are certain, more common types of polyamorous relationships. But in practice, you can find anything from a triad or a quad to a kitchen-table polyamory (centered around the family) to even mono-poly relationships where only one person is poly.

Being Open: The Cornerstone of Polyamory Philosophy

Polyamory is more than sexual relationships, and being open and true to yourself is one of the principles of its philosophy. This is why, in many cases, larger poly relationship networks form families, giving children more love and care. But let’s first delve into the basic principle here.

What distinguishes polyamory from cheating is that all the parties involved know what about the others. Being poly means being honest about your feelings and being ethical – unlike what many pop culture works try to present. The whole philosophy revolves around consent – all the parties agree to this kind (and its particular type) of relationship.

The Role of Poly Community in Its Philosophy

No matter what you do in your life, you can find a community of like-minded people. These are often a nice addition, people to whom you can express your thoughts and with whom you can make new friendships, but they are not an integral part of what you do. This is different in polyamory philosophy.

Community is vital for polyamorous people, as it provides them with support throughout the unique challenges of poly relationships. It’s a way to meet new potential partners, broaden one’s mind, and even learn more about the principles and history of polyamory. Thus, being in the community and embracing your presence is one of the key elements of poly philosophy.

This is also why we encourage you to meet other like-minded poly people here, on Sisterwives. Our poly dating app lets you find romantic partners, while our “blogs” section gives you the opportunity to chat about your own poly experiences. Being poly means building your own poly network, grooming your inner growth, and intermingling with other people who follow the poly philosophy, and you can do all of this here.

The Takeaway

Polyamory philosophy isn’t focused purely on the relationships. It tackles jealousy, being open, and being a part of the community. Many of its principles should be applied by other people as well since following them makes our lives better, more fulfilling, and often easier.

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