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May 5, 7:09 PM | By Chris

What are the best podcasts about polygamy? In our opinion: National Polygamy Advocate, Polygamy: What Love Is This and Year of Polygamy. Why did we choose these three? Read on to find it out!

The Three Best Polygamy Podcasts

Like in the case of polyamory podcasts, some podcasts about polygamy tackle everyday poly life, others discuss its history, and some even adopt multiple points of view. The ones below are what we believe to be the best, most interesting podcasts that you can find on the topic of polygamy. Let’s briefly introduce each one of them.

National Polygamy Advocate

National Polygamy Advocate is a weekly podcast hosted by Mark Henkel. It has been running for seven years, making it a valuable source of information regarding polygamy.

As the name suggests, the National Polygamy Advocate focuses mostly on the legal aspects of polygamy, for instance, by discussing different court rulings. However, it’s not limited purely to that. Mark Henkel often tackles more down-to-earth topics and discusses terms related to polygamy and polyamory, which makes it great for anyone.

The only downside of this podcast is that…you’ll need to spend days listening through the old episodes to catch up with everything. But, if you have the time or simply want to skip to the current episodes, we highly recommend it.

Polygamy: What Love Is This

Hosted by Doris Hanson, who herself was brought up in a polygamy clan, this podcast tackles the more spiritual side of polygamy from the biblical point of view. In the episodes, you will learn about the history of polygamy, but also the current events and find many captivating interviews.

What this podcast deserves praise for is that it shows both the light and the dark side of polygamy. It actively tackles the issues of abuse in fundamentalist polygamy while also addressing the image of polygamy in books, TV series, and other pop culture materials.

This might not be the perfect source of knowledge if you want to learn about polygamy in and out, but it gives you the perspective of those who lived in abusive polygamy, letting you understand them better and comprehend their reasons for being against this way of life.

Year of Polygamy

If you really want to come out as a polygamist to your friends and you really want to understand their perspective, or you simply want to compare your and non-poly people’s points of view, this is a podcast for you.

Here, you will see the perspective of three different personas: a practicing polygamist, an ex-polygamist, and an anti-polygamist. It’s a true journey of discovery that lets you build empathy and truly understand the people you love and their perspective when you tell them that you’re poly. It’s also eye-opening in general.

Apart from this three-dimensional POV, this podcast still offers a lot of information on the history and spirituality of traditional polygamy. Thus, we believe that you should explore it as did we.

Meet Other Poly People and Exchange Stories

While polygamy podcasts are undoubtedly great sources of information, the best ones are other people. This is why we encourage you to reach out and build your local poly community. You can do that with our poly dating app, where you will find thousands of people who understand you, each with their own unique story.

The Takeaway

These are the three best podcasts about polygamy – in our opinion. If you don’t agree or have other great podcasts to recommend, don’t be afraid to leave a comment – other members of the poly community will surely appreciate your effort!

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