How to Deal with Jealousy in Polygamy?

Feb 24, 5:04 PM | By Chris

How to Deal with Jealousy in Polygamy?

Jealousy can be a serious problem in polygamy, so how to handle it? You and your partner need to be sensitive, understand what triggers those feelings, battle your insecurities, or simply find something else to do when your partner is busy with the other person. Do you want to learn more about all these methods? Then we invite you to read on!

Polygamy and Jealousy – The Reasons

The first step in dealing with jealousy in polygamy is to understand why you feel such emotions. You need to embark on a journey within yourself and find out not only what makes you jealous but also why it makes you feel that way.

While there are many intense feelings in polyamory and polygamy, jealousy is not simply caused by the nature of your relationship or even by your partner’s behavior – it might have its roots within you. Insecurities or low self-esteem might lead you to envy the other people in your relationship and feel that your partner(s) don’t pay you enough attention, even if it is not true. Therefore, you need to try to reason with your emotions and adopt a rational approach.

Firstly, you should consider your past traumas, maybe even visit a therapist, and find out if your past experiences affect your current feelings.

Secondly, you should try to rationalize your emotions. You can, for instance, count up the time that your partner spends with you and with other wives – this will help you find out whether the jealousy in your polygamous relationship is indeed justified and will calm you down if it is not.

How to Deal with Jealousy in Polygamy on Your Own?

If you already understand what triggers your jealousy, you may try to prevent it from making you feel bad. How to deal with jealousy in polygamy on your own? Here are our tips:

Find something else to do – If your jealousy is caused by your partner spending more time with someone else…just find something to take your mind off the situation. It might be a new hobby that you’ll fully immerse yourself in or even do everyday house chores.

Give yourself (and your partner) time – Sometimes, the feeling of jealousy might be brief, and it will go away after a few days. So, do not do something radical right away – instead, give yourself some time to process your emotions, understand them, and see whether they will stay with you for longer or not.

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How to Handle Jealousy in Polygamy with Your Partner?

A relationship is a partnership, so it is also important that you talk about your feelings with your partner(s). How to handle jealousy in polygamy together with your partner? We recommend that you:

Explain what causes jealousy – State that you feel jealous and explain why. Do not try to be accusing – your partner does not want to harm you and is not evoking these emotions on purpose. Instead, try to come up with solutions together.

Take ownership of your emotions – You are jealous, not your partner. Often, they might not be responsible for the feelings anyway since your past traumas might cause the triggers. Therefore, you need to take ownership of your feelings but also underline how important it is for you to stop having them.

Find ways to limit triggers – Some triggers may be difficult to avoid, but in many cases, with little steps, you can eliminate at least some of them. This way, you will not feel jealous without impacting the whole dynamics of your relationship.

Jealousy in Polygamy Is Natural – Just Learn How to Handle It

In conclusion, let us tell you that you have the right to feel jealous in your polygamous relationship – it is natural. Thus, how to deal with it is crucial, as otherwise, you might have problems with building a happy, thriving relationship.

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