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countryfamily08 Nov 15 '17

Quote from robynk I dont know what else to say we have been over this topic for quite a while now, Sisterwives is much different than most all dating sites we do not have bot profiles here where many others do.  If you are having an issue with a female please let us know so we can look into it. Every female that joins this site is checked on  in multiple places, Including if there is any suspicions Identification is asked for and checked, We stay on top of our members to make sure everyone is real. There are cases in a rare instance where 1 may slip through but we usually catch them and remove them. You have to remember when women sign up a lot of them get overwhelmed with messages, There are about 3 times the couples to the singles which we are working hard to change. Sisterwives is only as good as you make it, If you feel like someone here  is fake let us know and we will look further into it and get back with you, You can email us any time. 

I can attest to this post. We have contacted Admin on here Numerous times in regards to 'fake' profiles, issues with users, and other random things. They are very quick to check out the issues, and to correct them, or to delete the fake/scammer, etc. We even had one issue where someone was defaming our character, and that was so quickly dealt with that we didn't even know, or see what had been written only heard thru other users who were kind enough to give us a heads up. Robyn has been very good with getting profiles checked out...and suspending or deleting them if they are fakes, scammers, or have inappropriate content. If you suspect that someone is fake, send admin an email with the users name, or link to their page and they will get it checked out. YOU are the only one who can bring certain issues to view. And keep in mind...as stated many many times, the ratio of couples, and single men, to single women searching is staggering! If you don't believe me, do a search for yourself, count couples, single males, and then compare to the amount of single women profiles you see...and only compare the ones who are active at least in the past 3 days. Its literally 100-1. Those odds would scare me, and i don't scare easily. lol So when attempting to communicate with a new single lady user, be considerate of the fact that they are probably getting a message a minute, and if they reply, awesome, don't write them off if they don't reply back, maybe something scared them away, or in the case of one lady, she ended up having some serious problems that hindered her search for about a year, she was accused of being a fake, only to have it come to the fact that she isn't on here anymore cause the people accusing her refused to believe her when she had proof. there are a few who are only here to scam, or play games, but i do know there are those who are serious, just not given a chance do to fear of fakes. 

Don't short change the admin either, they are doing the best they can, but are only human, and don't interact with the users like we do, we MUST be proactive in reporting and bringing things up if we have any questions. It takes everyone to make this site different.

robynk Nov 16 '17
Thanks CountryFamily08 for your post, It surprises me sometimes lol Because I read comments and we stay extremely active on here and with our members, We try to get things done as quickly as possible if there are complaints, as you know. And your right I say it all the time if anyone suspects something is going on to let us know as you have and we appreciate that. On another note If the admin was putting out bots I would imagine there would be a whole lot more single females online. The numbers are growing and we are seeing more ladies come in but the ratio is still pretty high which I would suspect in this type of world, things are looking up at more coming but at the same time it will also bring more couples. We do our best and as I always say the site is as good as its members, If you help us we can help you. I hope everyone has a fabulous day and a great weekend and again if anyone has any issues please let the admin know. 
DakotaRT Oct 22 '18
Thank you for sharing. 
Quote from wolfc

I am a single female on this site and have been on this site for a few years off and on in my search for a couple or man willing to build a family with me (Since about early 2017). You would be surprised to learn that there are just as many bad “couples” and “men” as there are Fake “Female” profiles. I have sold and bought cars for a family, challenged my personal friends and biological family with this lifestyle, lost friends, lost family, moved in with a couple, quit jobs/found new jobs, broken leases, and even almost bought a house with a “couple” who I thought was 100% committed to me. 

As a potential sister wife, I have never once asked for money. I have travelled great distances on my own dime and even gone as far as taking out a credit card to pay for traveling costs. There is no rule book sold on Amazon, sister wife column in the local newspaper, or accepted social media platform dedicated to helping people interested in polygamy connect to one another (Trust me I have tried to find one). In my search, this website is profoundly the best platform I have ever come across. My advice to couples (as a single female with a bit of experience dating polygamous couples/men) is as follows: 

1). When you first message a single female, write a long 250+ word message saying what you liked about their profile, describe yourself and family a little bit, and tell her what you are looking for. Try and throw a joke in your message and keep it light hearted. Your lady wants to know that you read her profile and that you are a serious and real person too!

2). Make your message(s) presentable. Do NOT use “slang” or texting abbreviations. Use proper grammar and treat her like you would treat your best female friend…. (ahem) or wife. Be proper. Be a gentleman, but also casual. Try and think, “dressy casual” language. Note: Give her three days to respond. If she does not, move on. ***But Do NOT send her a “why didn’t you message me back?/do you not like me?/I guess you aren’t interested message!!!!!”*** This is so very passive aggressive and leaves us women feeling horrible that we didn’t respond and makes you or your wife look BAD. Again do not do it… move on.

3). After you have developed a dialogue, let her give you her phone number or let her ask for yours. If she does not ask or give hers, she is not interested…move on. Once you get that elusive phone number, communicate for a day or two over text message-try and send pictures to one another. This helps you flesh out who is real and who is not the quickest. If they have multiple pictures (They should send you past and current ones) you can tell if some is genuine or not! Note: Make sure the pictures you send are not just professional head shots. We want to see you are real too! So, send that hilarious photo or the one where your wife thinks you look adorable. Also, most of you men are much older than the women on this site, so please try and be adept at using social media. Take a current selfie while you are talking to her. It should not matter if you are on a bus, or at work, or even lounging on the couch. Send her a current one (text her with a, “I just took this!” text message) and I bet you 100% if she is real, she will send you one (just as current) back!

4). Then (after a day or two of texting) ask to FaceTime or Skype or video chat over Facebook (and I think even Gmail has a way as well). This day and age it is so easy to video chat. There is no excuse good enough to not spend 5 minutes on a video chat after a day or two of talking. If she video chats she is real and interested. If she offers to call you, but not video chat… call her and talk to her. She may just be cautious, but if she does not video chat in five days (feels comfortable enough to show her face to you over video and vice versa) … move on. There is something wrong with her or she feels there is something wrong with you. Not worth the trouble, find someone else.

Note: This is how you can flesh out who is real and who is not. Aka... if there is a fake profile/sister-wife on this website. 

Beyond the above advice, it is up to you and your gut instincts about a female/male/couple. For those who have lost money/time/emotions, I have too. It is not fun, and you feel used. I get it. But then did you think afterwards, “I had this {bad} feeling, but ignored it?” If you did, you did not trust your instincts. So, trust your gut. It is what I do.

Noblequest Jan 22

On a now defunct site we would get periodic scammers attempting their silly games but as others have mentioned , they are generally easier to spot. 

We have only become paying members recently so we have only had one overt scammer so far but it was hilarious. The person claimed to be an American Army general stationed in Germany who was coming back soon and looking for love. It was full on Nigerian Prince level of lame and unbelievable and that just made it all the funnier.

On a personal level I am less worried about the overt scammer than I am the catfisher and the game players...the people who have no intent to ever meet you much less take the interactions you have had seriously and that certainly includes the marriage and happily ever after routine. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned the money they were out because of someone like this and while that does 100% suck, we really dislike the idea more from the point of view of having ones emotional guts ripped out. 

I would far rather never know them at all than to make the mistake of falling for a woman that does not truly exist. Coming to love someone and wishing to spend your life with them and then being ghosted or finding out they were not who or what they claimed is at least a little akin to that person having died to an extent. Meaning the person you thought you loved...the character that they were presenting to you who it turns out is either gone or was nothing more than a play act.

MojoJojo Apr 8

Your going to get that on pretty much every site, trust me, what burns my ass the most is the fake bots on sites, so they can fake spam members messages so that the member will sub to the site to read a potential message from someone only to find out they paid a months sub to read total "BS" message from a spam bot...

Another thing to EVERYONE, do a reverse image search...

But as for the "scam, spam and fakes" on this site, i have had a few...

It's just going to be a part of every site... Even the one or two messages and POOF, nothing people...

I've been seeking for sometime and 99% of all women I've talked to are fake or lies, but also I'm very Religious and require that they follow G-ds Laws. You can read on my profile post for more information.
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