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sadiahh Nov 3 '17
I live in a southern state and Polygamy is not legal. How do you introduce your sister wife to your friends, family and neighbors without risking someone telling on you? So basically to protect you and your sister wife from trouble? Any feedback is appreciated.
robynk Nov 3 '17
Technically you are not married to more than 1 spouse so you are not practicing bigamy, You are cohabitating with them Most Poly marriages are spiritual marriages after the first spouse. I would check your local laws on Cohabitation to see what they state.
sadiahh Nov 3 '17
I saw an online Cohabitation agreement, but was not sure what is it used for? Are the sister wife OK with that usually? how does she protect her rights and the rights of her children if there any? I am 100% that I will make sure that she is protected, but ones wonder about that. So if someone called on you and your family, would the cobs take the time to show up and if they do, showing them the Cohabitation document will make it all good to go? Just curious. thank you
TexasJD Nov 5 '17

I too live in the south Texas specifically. There are no legal rights for the second, third, or fourth (etc) wife. A cohabitation agreement will not be valid for the second wife etc. This law is merely for those who don't wish to be legally married.
Since polygamy is illegal in the United States the othet wives really have no protection under the law.

Bigamy is where you legally marry more than one person. Which normally when the state finds you are already married the second is annulled.
Most of the time we are overlookes by the governments for our "crime". Sometimes it won't be like with the crazy flds guys back in 08 here in Texas. They also dont leave you alone if you insist on flaunting it (c.f. my 5 wives, sisterwives etc) if you put it out there on social media constantly, you should prepare to be harassed by the cops.
Noblequest Feb 21 '19
Family trust. 
MojoJojo Apr 12 '19
I find this subject very interesting, as it states "polygamy" is illegal in all 50 states. So how is it that we as a home owner are being told how many people we may let live in our home as well as what we are allowed to do within our home "IE" the what ever relationship we chose to have/carryout with said adult members within our own homes ? So what exactly is suppose to be the "illegal" point of polygamy or cohabitation ? What would someone actually be charged with ? (Now i'm not saying "bigamy" which is where some one has more than one marriage license and is "illegally" legally married to more than one person.)
cnystrom Apr 22 '19
I live in Austin. I run the Polygamy Central Texas Facebook group.

Here is the relavent Texas law:

So "purporting" can get you in trouble even if you do not have a second license.

Good news is that it is rarely enforced. If it is enforced it would be in danger of being challenged and overturned.

Lastly it could be worse. In Michigan it is a felony just to advocate for polygamy. I wonder if couples on here from Michigan know that?

LadyAryana Jan 17
I did not know that it was a felony.. good thing I am not looking at getting legally married again .. very comfortable with being a second or third wife.
John_White Feb 22
For anyone curious, polygamy has been decriminalized in Utah
theoneo Feb 29
@John_White Actually, not quite yet. As of Feb 26 Senate Bill 102 still has to pass through the senate a second time due to the "battery" amendment, and then needs to be signed off by the governor, but it's looking good to go!
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Imhopie Mar 21
There is SO much information on the internet about Polygamy / Polygamist. That it's hard to know what to believe. Therefore, I am grateful that you guys are sharing. 
Texasfarm Mar 22
To further comment on Texas specifically: Texas WILL NOT prosecute only for poly/multi cohabitation.  They got burned badly on sodomy/gays.  And they don't want to pay millions in damages.  They will prosecute folks like Jeffs(FLDS) on other grounds such as underage marriage, statutory rape, etc.  Civil contracts are legal too.  Just take care in setting up trust/LLC.

lookin4u Jun 8
Here is the NY statue-Section 255.15
Penal (PEN)
A person is guilty of bigamy when he contracts or purports to contract a marriage with another person at a time when he has a living spouse, or the other person has a living spouse.

Bigamy is a class E felony.
lookin4u Jun 8
No matter what state you’re in don’t flaunt your life style. If you live a normal life that doesn’t call attention and set up living trust or Corp etc. you will be fine. As for housing legal multi family properties are a good idea.
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