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marvinstoker May 23 '17

This discussion is for any one to share how they know polygamy is for them and what happened in their life to oppose monogamy. I would definitely like to here from the females on why they chose polygamy.

In addition it would be interesting to find out who thinks they have the best way to know polygamy is for you.

lynnettek May 29 '17
I know it is for me because the family dynamic fills my heart with joy. Watching my husband have a life that is so full of love and having not one but two best friends who are always there to stand with me makes me happy.
marvinstoker May 30 '17
Joy is a great emotion and is a good sign of fulfillment. I use self hypnosis to access the higherself and get yes or no answers through twitches in selected fingers. This has lead to my partner trying the easy self hypnosis and hers reaffirms polygamy with me is for her. So far so good
Lovetoluv2 Jul 27 '17
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