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marvinstoker May 23 '17

This discussion is for any one to share how they know polygamy is for them and what happened in their life to oppose monogamy. I would definitely like to here from the females on why they chose polygamy.

In addition it would be interesting to find out who thinks they have the best way to know polygamy is for you.

marvinstoker May 30 '17
Joy is a great emotion and is a good sign of fulfillment. I use self hypnosis to access the higherself and get yes or no answers through twitches in selected fingers. This has lead to my partner trying the easy self hypnosis and hers reaffirms polygamy with me is for her. So far so good
Lovetoluv2 Jul 27 '17
donb Mar 4 '19
I didn't have to know or learn. For me it has always been as simple as breathing. It's always been in me to live this way. It was the world filled with judgemental people that kept me from being open and honest about my calling for so many years. However now I've reached an age and stage in my life where I just don't care about the thoughts or feelings of hateful people. For my husband it's been the same story and yet here we are anyway.
thisisme86 Mar 7 '19
I think it was always in me but it's only as I've gotten older and had more life experience that I've discovered that it's a part of who I am. For me it's much like sexuality, people are born gay or straight or bi sexual or any other sexuality and they feel that having this as a part of who I am is the same. It's not about just me, it's about being a part of something bigger. It's about  opening myself up to having more than one person to consider and love. It's about opening up to the possibility that we are meant to be a village. We are meant to walk through life together. I personally feel that a man needs variety. He can love 2 (in many cases more) women as much as one another but for completely different reasons and qualities. I feel that cheating is less likely in a plural marriage because of that. Just my personal opinion. I want this. I want to be a part of a family who love me as much as I love them.
vegemite Sep 24 '19
One of the most obvious signs is when seven women simultaneously approach you and say "“We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!”. Just to clarify for newbies, if six women simultaneously approach you, do not jump the gun. There is a clear numerical threshold and you have not reached it. Patience is the key here.
ZulNakhti Oct 11 '19
I chose polygamy because I want a large family.  I want to lead that family. I am a polygynous man.  I am big on loyalty and that can be strong with love between people.

My need to have a large family puts a lot on one woman, plus my activities outside of normal work and parenting leave a lot.  It puts a lot on two people to try and work, build businesses/run businesses and parent.  Polygamy was a solution there that combines incomes, mindsets and makes a stronger unit with more than just two people.  

vegemite Oct 12 '19
I read about one guy that had a huge crush on a girl and was all set to get married to her. The wedding was quite full on and the next morning when he woke up he realised someone had done the "old sister trick". At that point he knew polygamy was for him...
littlebitofnc Nov 13 '19

For me, I've always had the desire/longing but didn't couldn't find what would satisfy that desire.  After a while of trying things that were of a similar path yet totally different and didn't fill what my whole self was longing for; I happened across a few Sister Wife shows and immediately knew that type of relationship was what I had been seeking.  Although I know without a doubt that my life experiences up to that point were preparing me for being a Sister Wife, I sure would have preferred for that revelation to have come much earlier in my life as the process to match with either a single male or couple is one that is not for those without patience.

As side note:

 Relationships are living, breathing, dynamic things; like all living things, they change over time. No healthy relationship is going to stay the same forever.  As long as you are willing to commit to the idea of changing in ways that include your partners, and you are willing to work with your partners as your life changes, everything will roll happily along.

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