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liljesscole Jul 10
Hello everyone,

My name is JEssica or Jess for short. I am a single mom of 3 kids all girls between 12 and 16, I am looking to get involved in a situation where the relationship would be outgoing and open and involved, but im not sure how i can explain this to my daughters. Are there any other couple or parents out there with advice on this? Maybe you was once in this situation. Just looking for overall general advice on them being involved in something like this. 

TroyH Jul 12
Good luck with everything.
Hi Jess

My name is Andrew. Great question. 

 As a parent of 3 boys I can understand what it is you are going through. I think every parent has to sit down and explain certain things in life to their kids. I will be honest. I think that your kids are old enough to understand whatever it is that you have to say to them. But before you sit them down and explain things to them, I would figure out exactly what it all means to you. What I mean is that it sounds like you and your girls are new to this lifestyle. So before you talk to your daughters I would figure out what being in an outgoing, open and involed relationship means to you. In my opinion I would stop and think about what I would want for me and then think about what I would want for them too. I do believe that the needs of your kids come first though. So once you feel confident in what you want to say and how you want to tell them then just sit them down and treat them like they have a voice in the matter. Children respond better when they know that they have a say in the matter too. Tell them how you feel and just be ready for anything that they might have to say. And remember to be completely open and honest. If you find that they are okay with everything then great. But if you sense that they are having a problem with  it then I would stop and give them time to process it all. Later down the road you can try talking to them again. But just remember that your kids come first. So if they aren't on board with you then you might need to rethink things. You may need to take things slower.

Best of luck.

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