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Noblequest Aug 10 '19
Too many people griping about no success. Let’s talk about plans for the future when you Do reach your goal. Let’s share our visions of the ideal home for our plural families.

Now there is a totally separate topic that is related that we can start in parallel if someone is interested and that is one big house vs multiple homes (ideally next door to each other). For this topic let’s go one house theory and talk about how we would want them set up.

The consensus with my wives and I is that we would want a separate wing or essentially a self contained apartment for each wife with a large bedroom, large closet and bathroom as well as a small nursery for the kids that still need to be really close to their mom. Then a nice lounge area and kitchenette. These apartments/wings should open off of where the main children’s bedrooms are found so that parents are close by in the event of problems or mayhem. I am thinking that there should be four large bedrooms for the kids. One each for older boys/girls and one each for younger boys/ girls. Two large semi communal bathrooms with one for each sex. Not full on locker room style or anything but at least a couple of toilet enclosures (and a urinal in the boys side), a couple of showers, two double sinks and one tub sort of thing.

In common areas a huge family room, huge dining room, very large kitchen with a monster sized island that will accommodate several people doing prep as well as lots of space to eat at. Probably a couple of refrigerators and... well you see where this is going. Enough and large enough appliances for an army. Next is a butlers pantry with loads of storage for small appliances and ideally a drinks station. Water and ice dispenser and a large beverage container or two for lemonade or tea perhaps. For my own sins the coffee would likely be prepared there as well... bit of a coffee snob here.
Let’s see... I grew up in a home with a large utility room and this shaped my thinking in this regard. The utility room needs to do double duty as a mud room and be just off the garage so that when people come in they can shuck shoes and coats etc and then potentially jump into a tub shower combo which is there to bath dirty dogs, muddy children or a greasy husband. Also good for hanging drip dry items. Anyway, two sets of washers and dryers as well as a supplemental oven or two... you know for holidays or what not when you have multiple birds or hams etc on the go all at once, oh and don’t forget the deep freeze and supplemental pantry (did I forget the walk in pantry before? Tisk tisk). Next door should be a nice sized craft room/art studio/sewing room for whoever is of a creative bent.
I would like a set of offices in line in some hall. To my mind, the ideal way to go is for everyone to work out of the home but to have their own space for their job. Next there should be a study/lounge for kids to hang out in and also act as a class room... I would like to home school. Then a formal living area large enough for some particularly large antique rugs that we have and furniture that are family pieces which would be locked off from pets and crumb crunchers. Perhaps with a piano.
There is one thing that the more astute will have noticed by way of its absence and that is a bedroom for me. I have some fairly strong opinions in this direction that are very different from many I have seen expressed by many other polygamist and hopeful potential plig husbands. I do not see a separate bedroom for the husband when he has a part interest in at least two other bedrooms. It seems too selfish for my tastes and in a plural marriage all parties have to be aware of the need to share on so many levels.
That being said, I would want my own husband focused study or lounge. A small circle of comfy chairs, several bookshelves and an exit to a patio where I might smoke an infrequent cigar.

There are loads more notions in my minds eye but this is less intended to give me a platform to drone on endlessly and more intended to get people talking.
Couples, keep in mind that the single women on here who are seeking need to see something more than a half filled out profile to develop an interest in a family. Give them some little insight to your personalities so that they have something upon which to build an interest.
Single ladies, the same goes for you. Just being sought after does not make you a prize, who you are as a person is what makes you desirable as a potential wife. Show us who you are by getting involved in the conversation.
vegemite Sep 19 '19
Very nice vision. My thoughts on housing are to maintain maximum flexibility, as the situation will evolve depending on the women, children, relationship development etc. I would be very cautious about large capital expenditure prior to actually adding a wife. For example, a wife might be a perfectly nice person in all ways, but doesn't want to be in close proximity to other wives. Not a sin, just a personal preference.
vegemite Sep 19 '19
for those on a lower budget i present the following flexible accomodation...
  tents.jpg (184Kb)
stillstanding Nov 13 '20
When I saw the tents posted by #vegemite I remembered a drawing I made, all the way back in 2012, after watching an episode of Sister Wives.  Maybe someone here will find it useful, or at least enjoy thinking about it :-)
  sisterWives_4-familyDwelling.jpg (83Kb)
Polywifen Dec 16 '20

Quote from stillstanding When I saw the tents posted by #vegemite I remembered a drawing I made, all the way back in 2012, after watching an episode of Sister Wives.  Maybe someone here will find it useful, or at least enjoy thinking about it :-)

Quote from stillstanding When I saw the tents posted by #vegemite I remembered a drawing I made, all the way back in 2012, after watching an episode of Sister Wives.  Maybe someone here will find it useful, or at least enjoy thinking about it :-)
I'm in love!  For real attached private wings with a central communal area is my favourite poly arranged accommodation.  I think it serves both those introverts who like their private space and extroverts who want to be in the thick of things.  It means there is a central area which no one claims is theirs alone, so there is non of this 'feeling like you are a guest in someone else's home'  when you want to eat or talk together.  My desire would be for regular meetings to discuss family things or just touch base, regular movie/games nights and regular dinners.  This is best facilitated in a communal area and less stressful too.  Thanks for that drawing.
theoneo Yesterday, 12:55AM
That reminds me of the Epicurean house which was designed as multiple rooms directly leading off a communal area.  He designed it so that all his friends could come and live with him and share as and when they wished.  Each one had their own room for their own personal needs and identity while having all the room doors face inward allowed them to see who was coming and going and to share food and other resources.  It inspired many of the commune designs that exist today. :-)
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