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Christslave Feb 16 '17
I say it is better to struggle and wait for the one God has for us then to jump into something not right. The damage an heartache is not worth it:)
Lele Mar 19 '17
Its just so hard to find that right one
MissJ83 Mar 21 '17
Of course it is. The internet is not the safest place. There are ppl playing games on both sides of the fence. Individuals are all here for various reasons and we all know some of those reasons are dishonest. Just have to be patient.
Patriarch Apr 3 '17

Just curious, what is the distinction to you between sister-wife and sister-friend ? Is it that the SW is sexually intimate with you both  whereas the SF is not ?  I have not heard the second term and was wondering how it differs from the first.

Patriarch Apr 3 '17
As much as I hate to say it, I do think that, ultimately, struggling to find what you are looking for can make you value and cherish it as it deserves to be. The more of you that you invest, the less likely you are to take it for granted. Well....if that is true, I am pretty sure that I am NOT going to take my wives and family for granted.

So, by all means....God open doors to a young lady of faith, who is even more beautiful inside than she is in my eyes on the outside, and allow us to build a loving polygynous family  together.

TexasJD Oct 7 '17
If you want a polygamist family you have to put in the extra time and effort. Dont expect things to be handed to you. As the saying goes "The Gods will not do for us which we should do for ourselves".
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