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Chris74 Jan 19
What do you think about him? do you own guns? do you believe in God?
cwc419 Jan 19
Curious to know what you think your three questions have in relationship with each other?
JingoFamily Jan 19
I will bite. I already express unpopular opinions here and I am not trying to attract women who would not respect me for having strong honest opinions. So why not...

Don't like Trump but not for the reasons you might likely get from those who have their knickers bent about him. That being said, his credulous bumbling would be preferable to the overt attempt to use a demented puppet to destroy our economy in aid of installing a creepy mishmash of globalist corporatist faschy-communism. He at least likes the country and the people. Can't honestly say he lived up the hyped expectations of being such a great business manager. He did well on the regulatory side with respect to trying to get a few less impediments to normal life. 
I have guns. Used to shoot competitively, taught at an indoor range for a time and think shooting reactive targets and hearing that satisfying ping is so much better than golf. Plus most importantly to my mind is that they are an efficient tool for protecting my family. No faux machismo talk here or anything like that but the fact remains that one of the jobs a man has is to be the one that steps in front of a threat to protect his family. Would prefer to not have the need, but if I have that need then I damn well want the best tools possible to defend my family.
I don't disbelieve or believe in a god. Agnostic. I find the topic fascinating and enjoy learning about all of the various pantheons. Wish I had a faith of some kind. Several reasons really...  must be nice on a lot of levels. The idea of community is really quite appealing for example. Collapse of faith is a really good predictor of cultural collapse and if you have not noticed...things are getting kind of weird. 

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cwc419 Jan 20
It occurred to me that the correct answer to these specific three questions,  in today's world, could get one labeled a 'domestic terrorist'.
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