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samantham23 Dec 17 '19
How can things go so well, and then nothing? You meet! You hang out! You spend time together and you either get the run around or ghosted. Why not just be up front and tell the person or couple that you are not interested so people don't waste each others time? It's so frustrating that it's almost discouraging. 
bigloved Dec 17 '19
exactly. but women are masters at ghosting
samantham23 Dec 19 '19
This should be a great experience! Not a regrettable one. I have taken time and met with 4 potential families and everything is fine till in person. Well even after meeting, but a couple visits in or days because i have traveled to them. I either get ghosted or some excuse that is so off the wall. While i really want this im not sure how much more I can keep putting myself out there to be the one with the broken heart and no answers.

cwc419 Dec 23 '19
A lot of people, families and single ladies, are not sure what they want. This is all an interesting thing and when it gets too close they reveal how committed they really are. Be thankful it ended soon. Just think if you would have gotten too deep. There are sincere families out there but one thing you have to make sure of is the position of the wife. If she hasn't gone though the stages she needs to do through, it will never work no matter how much the husband wants it to. Sometimes the husband is not prepared for the responsibility too. And us families have seen way more single ladies that play games, but if plural marriage is meant to be for each they will keep going.
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