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MoorUnity Jun 1
Whats your zodiac? Does it matter to you what sign your mate is? Or your potential mates? 
Jpearce Jun 10
My husband and I are both Libra. In fact our birthdays are just one day apart. As different as we are we are very emotionally similar. If the moon affects the tide on the earth...and the sun can affect weather conditions as well.... Yes, the positioning of the planets and stars and moon and sun at the time of our birth can also affect certain conditions of our being.   

Astrology (not cheap magazine horoscopes) is like a map. Helps you to navigate the potential of who you are...but does not dictate it. But you can understand why you behave the certain ways you do.

Its more than just your sun sign, but your moon and ascendant.... which is why many Libra people have similarities but the contrasting elements are deeper....

So it could matter in a potential mate and give you both clues to your make up...along with how you were nurtured. Me thinks!

Signed, Wife

Capricorn here, the wife is Aries (I think) she has two birthdays so one of them she is Aries. The story behind that is, by the time her birth was written into the records, like 2 months had elapsed and her father, I think, didn't know enough to tell the registrar that the birth didn't occur the same day??? This is not as uncommon as most people think, I've met a few people that had the same issue or have a relative with the same issue LOL. I personally don't follow any of that stuff, I'll saw a tree in half and count the rings to find out its age. It may be good for fun, like an Ouija board, but I would personally never use it as a guide of any sort. I think a blood test to find out if you might be related is more useful .


I've found that zodiac signs really don't mean as much some might think.  I don't know a lot about Astrology, but from just what my friends and I did as an experiment once; we found that a person's Ascendant sign tend to be more accurate about a person than their actual birth date sign.

Take me for instance.  My birth date makes me an Aries.  Not everything about the Aries sign fits with me in how I act, react, think or feel.   My Ascendant is in Gemini.  So, if I read my horoscope, I read Gemini first than Aries.  Gemini more often than not reflects me as a person more than Aries.   

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