The Sister wife Experience
Discussion about what you except to get out of a sister wife coming in to join your family
188 members
This group is for anyone who wants to relocate or who is willing to relocate.
133 members
Single Women Looking For There Future Family
This Group Is Decated To Single Women Looking For There Future Husband & Sister Wife If That's You Then This Group For You We All Looking Forward To Meeting You ❤ Rules !!! Don't Come In Here Spamming Or Scamming Be Honest & Respectful If You Do U Will Be Kick Out This Group !!! Now Let's A...
37 members
Legal Protection Program
Hi, I am in the works of building a Nationwide legal protection plan that will help you legally and be able to help you grow your family, we will do this by having 49 attorneys nationwide to fight for you and your family. Also so many of us would like to find and bring an added wife from overseas ...
23 members
Pagan Tradions
This is a Group for Pagans and those who like to know how ancient Cultures had sister wives and a place to find like minded people.
18 members
Pacific Northwest Poly
We are hoping to meet up with some Northwest women with similar interests. I would like to start getting to know more people involved in this lifestyle.  We regularly go out and would love to connect with you!
17 members
Off Grid Living
Hard WorkersSurvivorsTeachersPeople who know how to live.
11 members
Have you seen Dr. Marston and Wonder Woman?  (Everyone here should, it is a great movie about a MFF sisterwife life.)   Olive is the younger woman who joins the couple.  Might you relate to that?
9 members
I am here to Build The Kingdom of G-d. Do you want a large family?Do you want your kids to marry G-dly people?Do you want to live in a G-dly Community? Well I believe we must act fast!
8 members
Vegan Polygamists
Caring for and sharing with each other, the animals, and the planet. :-)
8 members
Near Massachusetts
This is for anyone who lives in, near, or is willing to travel to/ relocate to Massachusetts! We're hoping to build a community here.
7 members
Whos into guessing or seeking their next commitments name?
Hi i'm Milton and came across polygamy in a different way to a lot of you and would want to know who feels its important that the divine chooses your high potential matches instead of unwise wants that could harm you?
5 members
Canadians look for other Canadians
5 members
A group where, hopefully, people talk about fun topics and eventually get to know each other.
4 members
Are you living or willing to move down under? :-p
4 members
more mal than female ltr
Best group for those who are interested in talk about or create his family....
4 members
Healthy and Happy Neighborhood
Who here is interested in creating a town of our own where everyone is polygynous and is in the continual habit and process of acquiring as many women as possible and producing as many babies as possible?  And no one smokes, drinks, eats health-damaging food, or watches toxic movies and shows? ...
3 members
British Polygamists
Group for those in the UK seeking Polygamous marriage
3 members
Comandment keepers
A group for the children of Yisrael and gentiles whom guard the Torah and keep the laws statues and commandments of YAH יהוה  The most high El the Set apart one of Yisrael.
3 members

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