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     I'll try to make this as concise as possible without going too far off subject. There is so much out there in the world unknown to us that I'm not going to pretend that I even have a grasp of it. I do know that I do understand the things that directly affect me and the world I live in. Having said that, in terms of people and relationships specifically, polygamy seems to happen everyday, right in front of us, we're currently in them, and don't even realize it. If defining polygamy as a non-monogamous relationship is the basis, with the self-intended creation of a relationship being the cause, then in general, the following could be included:

    Baby-mama/ multiple marriages: If you are in/ have a past relationship that involves children that in the new/ current relationship requires you to be a part of their lives, then the new relationship is required to recognize/ accept the connections that bond you to the previous relationship, even if they have now become friendships. This only increases as new relationships are formed past the 2nd one, whether it was someone's 2nd to 3rd marriage with children in each of them, or if it was of the one-night stand situation, or even a combination of the two, AND this has NO bearing on any of the relationships being good OR bad.

     Mistresses/ Beau: Those of the political scene know that this is an accepted standard, where the politician is married, but has had extramarital affairs that they must now acknowledge, and /or is engaging in currently . The list is TOO long to even begin with, but you can start with the current president Trump, Clinton, heck, probably most of them fools on the hill, etc.  This also includes our own family members, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. Remember all the whispering at the family cookout when some kids show up that look VERY familiar, like you know them but this is the first time you've met them, then someone asks, "Who's your daddy?" 

     Extended families: This includes intended relationships that are there to support other friends, while creating bonds that are exclusive to that group of members. Think "The Fast And Furious", or even the village-style support for taking care of deceased friends and family-member's surviving spouses/ children, whether for emotional, financial, or physical support (Think Military/ Armed Forces Family). Being of a military family, I have seen a lot of that happen.

     Positive relationships with previous relationships: Exes, past boyfriends/ girlfriends that didn't work out when they were dating each other but they are better as friends, such intimate knowledge of each other may strengthen the relationship, but may cause some insecurity and jealousy of the new relationship, especially if your ex is your best friend.

     Please note, none of this is to be consider negative or positive. It is just an observation of the various relationship that I see happen everyday, yet the only LEGALLY accepted status is for the monogamous design. Curious as to why that is when polygamous situations happens more often than not.

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