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I'm not sure it's just us or does it seem people who are single are here for like a month but bounce when they are not finding that true connection? It's crazy I've see this site on FB and looks popular but it's like a hit or miss to find a sisterwife let alone someone new. How is everyone's else experience been going on connecting with new people? Do you think it's the location or just not alot of people know about this site?
Njnewcouple Aug 27 · Comments: 1 · Tags: connection
Someone asked ".... seems like you are more interested in the sex aspect"

Thought we would post the response in case someone else has that question about us:  "Thanks for the response and glad you are comfortable asking what is on your mind.   We are definitely  here looking for family!  (I suspect we all get as much sex as we want already.)  While sex is a natural part of a loving family/marriage, it is only one part of it.  The right connection on other levels is both more important and harder to achieve."  

BTW we both love sex and enjoy it often! 
Dr_Daddy_Mistress_Mommy Nov 11 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: love, connection, sex
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