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I don't know how many people here have families with special needs children, but I am here to say to never be afraid to accept those people into your life!  Special needs children love without condition.  No one will love you or accept you more completely than a person with special needs.  Parents of special needs children are also the most loving and dedicated people you will ever meet in your life.

While special needs children can be challenging, they are worth every gram of effort put into them.  Many times, parents just need a loyal friend to help them.  Choosing to join a family with special needs makes you a rare person indeed.  Toomany parents run away, leaving those children.  But let me tell you that you as a parent get far more from your children, than they get from you.

Even if the Lord does not open up the door for a future wife, I hope that I can be an encouragement to others. 

Ravenman08 Feb 8 '19 · Comments: 1 · Tags: wife, special needs, autism, husband
My fiance and I decided about 1 year ago that we have a lot of love to share and that we would love to find a sister wife to find her forever family. We have been searching ever since. We weren't sure where to look at first but finally came across this website. But we just arent having any luck. We've tried many different apps and sites since but still it seems like we may be doing something wrong.

We have so much love to share and would take good care and show much love to our sister wife. We feel like part of us is missing. Does anyone have any advice or success stories they can share with us?

Gr510 Feb 7 '19 · Comments: 7
Been smoke-free over 52.5 days now; quit for both financial as well as health-related reasons. Was on the WW plan; wife was as well. I personally had lost about 20 pounds until we got some financial difficulties. Now we are both working part-time at Pizza Hut, I have enrolled in FTCC's CNA course, and have pur based my first set of scrubs. After I complete said CNA course, it is my intentions to work as a CNA Monday through Friday, still work at Pizza Hut on the weekends, and  go to school for Nursing. I need and want to resume my WW plan as well as resume frequenting Planet Fitness. Have also thought about going vegan.and finding ways to reduce my carbon footprint.
Sergeantforce Feb 7 '19
Hi everyone,  how are you?
aibhlinf Jan 28 '19 · Comments: 2
As people who hope to see wholesome polygamous marriages being normalized we have a vested nterest in sites like this one and others that are less focused on the matchmaking aspect. What we have seen rather a lot of is people who are considering polygyny for what we would consider the wrong reasons. A few but certainly not all of the reasons that I would consider wrong are the couple's who simply wish to find their live in sex toy which will apparently spice up their intimate activities and cure all relationship woes, the horny husband with the grudging wife couples where she is clearly just going along to get along so to speak (lots of these woman are in the position they are in because their religious faith is being used as a lever to force them into agreeing to something they do not want) and the scammer; we have all seen the douchebag guys who will pretend to be anything that will get them at least short term sexual access to any woman, the pure scammer looking for money, the catfish who will pretend to be anything just to keep themselves entertained regardless of the emotional toll they might extract and the busybody who has decided that they know better than you what is right and moral for your family even though you are strangers. All of these will make people cautious about interactions that ideally should be perfectly safe, straightforward and wholesome. Because of the bad actors we all end up being cautious to one degree or another... I personally will council women to be quite cautious in dealings here just like on any dating site nut by the same token I tend to be cautious myself and recommend the same to other plural families. While our vulnerabilities are not the same as single women, nobody wants to get scammed, catfished or worst of all enter into a relationship that is doomed to fail because the person they fell for was approaching this lifestyle as a lark that sounds like fun for a while. Is there a solution? I wish I knew one. In a perfect world I would think that in-person mixers would be great. I like the idea of a large picnic or something of that nature. Lots of fun ideas occur to me but coordinating what amounts to a plural family convention and matchmaking festival. You would probably find me behind the bar.
Noblequest Jan 21 '19 · Comments: 4
Ask me anything. I promise I’ll be honest
karend Jan 21 '19
Love is a funny thing to describe. We all think we know what it is, yet it always seems difficult to explain. Some say that love in a relationship is either there or it isn't. From personal experience, that is the lazy approach. 

Imagine that everyone is standing on a personal sized iceberg with ropes connecting them. The ropes are not unlimited and can fall off the icebergs if not held onto. When two people pick up the rope connecting them, if they do nothing else, they will remain that distance to each other. If one starts pulling, they will slowly come closer. If they both pull, the they will quickly come together. If one let's go and the other pulls, they will drift apart and the rope will run out. If one throws the rope away, same thing, only no chance of picking the rope up again.

Once the two are together, they simply need to maintain it until the icebergs become one. If the two become complacent and let the rope go, they will drift apart again. It could be fast or slow, but they will need to pull together again to not lose each other. 

This scenario can work for any amount of people, such as a relationship of three people. The more they all pull together, the more unified they will become. It must be noted that even with relationships containing more than two people, that each individual relationship must be nurtured. You can love any number of people, but if you do not pull together on both ends, it can be difficult.

Those that desire the love pull the rope. Those that don't truly care, don't even hold the rope. Those that reject the love throw the rope away. And those that want it, but limit their effort, merely hold the rope and there is no progression in the relationship. 

Swinson Jan 16 '19 · Comments: 2 · Tags: love&work
I am looking to starting in the polygamy lifestyle. It’s Something that I have always wanted and dreamed of. I think the bigger the family unit is the better. All members can contribute to the greater good of the family. It’s not about sex persay it’s about the family and the love that can be shared. I look forward to hearing from you.
dwc Jan 3 '19 · Comments: 1
my husband and i have been looking for a sister wife for a long time now our problem is that we live in central ohio and cant seem to find anyone any suggestions
bethandjames Nov 27 '18
hi max here,i am seeking life partner
sweet Oct 31 '18
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