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Hi We have been talking about this for a long time and decided to see if we could find someone to join our family  I am 63 yrs old  and like to spend time reading or putting puzzles to gather, listening to music I myself like Country but I like 50's 60's and 70's rock and roll also.
nightriders71 Feb 26 '19

I have long thought that flying in formation was a good metaphor for marriage.

Here are 8 specific points for you to consider:

1. How do they do it? The key is that there is one leader and the rest are followers. If there is no leader you are not flying in formation.

2. Due to advance communication everyone knows where they are going, but the leader leads and the followers have to keep a close eye on the leader.

3. The followers job is to position themselves correctly in relation to the leader.

4. The leader has to call the maneuvers so that the followers can expect the movements and react to them accordingly. They communicate constantly as needed.

5. There has to be at least two to fly in formation, but structurally you can add on more.

6. Not easily done. It takes intention and practice.

7. It is also mandatory for safety in aerial combat. Singles are picked off like sitting ducks.

8. You need someone to check your six. No individual has complete vision or situational awareness. But good teams are unbeatable in aerial combat.

When done well it is a beautiful thing. Formation flying is commonly seen at air shows for the appreciation of all.
cnystrom Feb 24 '19 · Rate: 5 · Tags: marriage polygamy flying formation
To each their own and all...

That being said, one of the things that is jumping out to me a fair amount is just how many profiles demonstrate that several people are here looking for a good time, for new partners for sexual liaison or seeing the plural marriage pop culture boom and thinking it would be some kind of yolo adventure and that it might be cool for a while. That is what I see in the single women's profiles. In some of the couples profiles however it is far more of the predatory to desperate spectrum and I do not even slightly wonder at the fact that many are mystified by the lack of any response. In other couples profiles you will see the it is all about the ego stroke for the man equation being played out.

At the end of the day, personally I don't particularly care about being perceived as judgemental when so many are approaching plural marriage for all the wrong reasons. All that it will end up with is games being played, hearts being broken and families pulled apart. 

Plural marriage is first and foremost a marriage. It is about love, permanence, giving each other support and the bonds of family. Plural marriage is not about jumping on the latest fad, it is not about your sexual fantasies or pumping up your ego. 

Yeah yeah... standing on my soap box and preaching to an empty room. I know. Lame and pointless. It is frustrating though to browse through the site and see a handful of those who clearly take the idea of polygyny seriously and who are seeking their family or their new wife that are clearly having to wade through a sea of those who might be more suited to plenty of fish or some other hookup app. 

This is supposed to be about love and family not being part of a fad.

Noblequest Feb 21 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 11 · Tags: family, familynotfad, notabouthookups
How has all three influenced your life?

Un1ty Feb 15 '19
Transparency is protects and builds all parties the entire time.


Un1ty Feb 14 '19 · Comments: 3
I hope you and your loved and beloved ones have a beautiful and memorable day. 
theoneo Feb 14 '19 · Tags: valentines
I don't know how many people here have families with special needs children, but I am here to say to never be afraid to accept those people into your life!  Special needs children love without condition.  No one will love you or accept you more completely than a person with special needs.  Parents of special needs children are also the most loving and dedicated people you will ever meet in your life.

While special needs children can be challenging, they are worth every gram of effort put into them.  Many times, parents just need a loyal friend to help them.  Choosing to join a family with special needs makes you a rare person indeed.  Toomany parents run away, leaving those children.  But let me tell you that you as a parent get far more from your children, than they get from you.

Even if the Lord does not open up the door for a future wife, I hope that I can be an encouragement to others. 

Ravenman08 Feb 8 '19 · Comments: 1 · Tags: wife, special needs, autism, husband
My fiance and I decided about 1 year ago that we have a lot of love to share and that we would love to find a sister wife to find her forever family. We have been searching ever since. We weren't sure where to look at first but finally came across this website. But we just arent having any luck. We've tried many different apps and sites since but still it seems like we may be doing something wrong.

We have so much love to share and would take good care and show much love to our sister wife. We feel like part of us is missing. Does anyone have any advice or success stories they can share with us?

Gr510 Feb 7 '19 · Comments: 7
Been smoke-free over 52.5 days now; quit for both financial as well as health-related reasons. Was on the WW plan; wife was as well. I personally had lost about 20 pounds until we got some financial difficulties. Now we are both working part-time at Pizza Hut, I have enrolled in FTCC's CNA course, and have pur based my first set of scrubs. After I complete said CNA course, it is my intentions to work as a CNA Monday through Friday, still work at Pizza Hut on the weekends, and  go to school for Nursing. I need and want to resume my WW plan as well as resume frequenting Planet Fitness. Have also thought about going vegan.and finding ways to reduce my carbon footprint.
Sergeantforce Feb 7 '19
Hi everyone,  how are you?
aibhlinf Jan 28 '19 · Comments: 2
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