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May 12, 1:21 PM | By Chris

What are the best beginner and advanced polygamy and polyamory resources online? We recommend podcasts like Making Polyamory Work and Non-Monogamy Help, books such as The Ethical Slut, and… our own articles. Why these particular resources? Find it out below!

The Best Polyamory and Polygamy Online Resources

So, what are the best resources regarding polyamory and polygamy? Let’s look at them based on their type.


There are many excellent podcasts regarding polyamory and polygamy, so it’s really difficult to choose the best ones. Nevertheless, we have some favorites – the ones below are perfect resources, no matter whether you are a beginner in this topic or already have some experience.

• Making Polyamory Work – This podcast, hosted by Libby Sinback, is a great source of knowledge that will help you build healthy, ethical poly relationships. Sinback discusses everyday poly topics, and often invites experts, providing you with the best info possible.

• Non-Monogamy Help – Hosted by Lola Phoenix, this podcast is focused on poly relationship advice. It’s one of the best resources if you don’t know how to proceed in your situation, especially since it often involves Q&A episodes.

You can find more great podcasts in our articles:

• Best polyamory podcasts

• Best polygamy podcasts


What about books? Here, the case is a bit more tricky. Many books on polyamory focus on non-ethical polygamous relationships, so it’s difficult to find ones that will be truly helpful. Nevertheless, there are some options worth considering.

• The Ethical Slut – Written by Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton, this book deals with ethical non-monogamy. It has a lot of tips, especially regarding the sexual aspect of polyamorous relationships.

• The Polyamory Breakup Book: Causes, Prevention, and Survival – This book by Kathy Labriola deals with…poly breakups. It helps with problems such as breaking up with only one of the partners in your poly network, but also with preventing them from happening, for instance, by preventing communication problems.

Online Articles

Finally, you can find many valuable resources regarding polygamy and polyamory online on professional blogs. Many articles explain the ins and outs of poly relationships, provide advice on certain challenges in poly life, and even explain the history and spiritual sides of polyamory and polygamy. Plus, you’re already reading one such article!

Our blog is one of the best online resources for poly knowledge. We’ve divided it into 4 sections to make navigating the world of polyamory easier for you. Depending on what you need, you can browse:

General articles – Explaining the general concepts of polyamory.

News – Articles on what’s happening in the poly world and on pop culture materials regarding polyamory.

Informational articles – These are the best beginner polygamy resources, as they explain the principles of being poly.

Poly tips – Articles containing practical tips on how to overcome challenges in poly relationships, how to tell your friends and family that you’re poly, and similar topics.


If you’re looking for polyamory resources, you must try reaching out to the online poly community! You can do that in various ways, also on our site.

“Blogs” section – Here, you will find posts by other members of the poly community discussing what’s on their minds.

Polygamy app – Our app lets you find partners and like-minded people to talk to and meet among the other members of the poly community.

The Takeaway

The above are some of the best polygamy and polyamory resources available online. If you cannot find materials on a topic that interests you, don’t be afraid to ask your question in the comments!

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