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I've always found these personals sites interesting. I am highly analytical and all of them are pretty much the same. Everyone is pretty much looking for the same things, yet not finding them. I call this the "Gambling Syndrome," you know if you've ever sat in front of a slot machine and won a small amount of money, you end up putting it all back in the machine in hopes of hitting a bigger and better jackpot. I think people do the same thing on these sites. They find people who are completely suitable for them, but they believe they can find someone bigger and better, so they just continue to play. While I do not believe anyone should settle for less than they truly deserve, I believe that a person shouldn't fall into that kind of trap.
Midwest_Storm Oct 5 '21 · Tags: poly

Why is it so hard to find a woman who is serious about joining our family. So many times we have came across fakes and spam bots. were is the lady for us.
devinm Apr 8 '20 · Tags: poly
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