Polyamory Age Gaps

Mar 3, 8:32 PM | By Chris

Dating Age Gaps in Polyamory and Age Dynamics

Dating age gaps might be a true problem in polyamory, especially for those in their 40s and 50s. While according to Dr Marie Thouine, there are no significant statistical differences in the numbers of younger and older polyamory people, this often does not feel so. Thus, the latter try to find younger partners, which causes problems, such as differences in value systems, perspectives, or even goals and priorities. But what about younger people who wish to date older partners? This might also be problematic.

Polyamory Age Gaps – Are They Really Problematic?

Age gaps in polyamory dating are not as big of a problem as for monogamous relationships, yet it does not mean that they do not cause certain issues. However, polyamory is all about connecting on the emotional level, so you should not feel discouraged to start seeing someone who is much younger/older than you.

If you decide to do so, you will still need to overcome some challanges – let’s take a look at them now.

Perspective on polyamory – Firstly, younger generations are much more open to polyamory than the members of the older ones. In terms of an age gap, it means that the former will feel much more natural at the beginning, while the latter will be hesitant. Additionally, it also comes down to being open when telling your friends and family about your polyamorous lifestyle – it will not be a problem for Gen Z or millennials, but it might be for baby boomers or Gen X.

Goals – Another issue with the age gap in a polyamorous relationship is that you and your partner might have different goals – both in terms of what you want to create together and in your life.

Tastes and interests – Different music, hobbies, or even daily routines – these usually occur when there is a major age gap, no matter whether we talk polyamory or not, so you have to take them into consideration.

Age Dynamics and the Benefits of Dating Age Gaps in Polyamory

Polyamory and an age gap might cause some issues, but it does not mean it is bad – quite the opposite. There are many advantages to engaging in such relationships, thus you should definitely consider it. What are the benefits?

Different perspectives – An age gap means that you and your partner(s) have different perspectives. This helps you solve problems or even be more open to each other and build a much stronger, more meaningful bond.

True emotional connection – Forgetting about the stereotypes and the age gap will help you find someone with whom you fully connect, a person or people with whom you are compatible while searching only among peers might limit your choices.

How to Approach an Age Gap in Your Polyamorous Relationship?

Do you wish to give partners much older or younger than you a try? Then you have to know how to approach an age gap in polyamory – here are our tips.

Proceed with your partner’s pace – While you might be itching to move faster with your relationship, give your partner the time they need – remember that they might have a completely different perspective.

Try to understand your partner’s point of view – If both of you are the only people with such an age gap in your polyamory network, you need to put a lot of effort into understanding each other. You might perceive the same gestures and things completely differently, and you have to take this into account if you want to feel comfortable together.

Communicate – With so many differences, communication becomes crucial – state how you feel, what you like and do not like, and be ready to make a compromise.

Stop it if you feel uncomfortable – Did one of your partners introduce you to someone much older, but then other people perceived them as your parent? Or maybe you simply feel uncomfortable in a poly relationship with a large age gap? Do not be afraid to stop in such cases. After all, relationships are about your happiness.

Age Gap and Polyamory – Where to Find Partners?

If you want to find partners who are much younger or older than you, try using different channels. Utilize polygamy dating websites, ask your other partners if they know someone in their network, and engage in the local poly community – you will find someone in no time.

Polyamory and Dating a Partner with a Large Age Gap – Not as Scary as It Seems

To conclude this article, let us underline one thing – an age gap in polyamory might sometimes feel as a disadvantage, but it is also the door to new experiences, sensations and a wider choice of partners. Thus, we encourage you to at least give it a try – perhaps you will be surprised and love it!

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