Must-read Books about Polyamory

May 25, 4:00 PM | By Chris
Must-read Books about Polyamory

What books about polyamory should make it on your must-read list? We recommend The Polyamory Breakup Book: Causes, Prevention, and Survival by Kathy Labriola, More Than Two by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert, and Love in Abundance: A Counselor’s Advice on Open Relationships by Kathy Labriola. Why these books? Find it out!

Best Books about Polyamory That You Should Read

There are many polyamory resources that you can use not only to learn more about being poly but also to find useful tips for your relationships. Literature is one of the most important ones, though it's often difficult to navigate a bookstore, with many books focusing on the toxic, highly conservative polygamy or polyamory rather on the healthy one. However, there are some truly worthy of your time.

What are the must-read polyamory books? Here’s a list!

The Polyamory Breakup Book: Causes, Prevention, and Survival by Kathy Labriola

This is the first (but not last!) polyamory book by Kathy Labriola – a Counselor, Nurse and Hypnotherapist from Berkeley, CA. As an expert in the poly world, Labriola has quite a few tips to offer for those in poly relationships.

The Polyamory Breakup Book: Causes, Prevention, and Survival tackles an important issue regarding poly relationships: situations when you only break up with one partner. However, it’s not the only scope of the book. In it, you will find numerous tips on finding compatible love partners or meeting communication needs in polyamory. Therefore, it’s an absolute must-read book if you’re looking for practical advice regarding your polyamorous relationship.

More Than Two by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

This book is quite general, yet at the same time, full of invaluable information and polyamory tips. It handles the basic aspects (and potential problems!) of poly relationships and explains how to deal with them effectively. What will you find on the agenda? For instance:

• jealousy and compersion in polyamory,

• sexual health in polyamorous relationships,

• communication in a poly relationship.

As such, it makes a great guide for those who have just started to explore polyamory – a good read before hopping on our poly dating app!

Love in Abundance: A Counselor’s Advice on Open Relationships by Kathy Labriola

Returning to the works of Kathy Labriola, she wrote one of the best books on polyamory: Love in Abundance: A Counselor’s Advice on Open Relationships. Like More Than Two, it’s a pretty general guide, great for those who just entered the world of polyamorous relationships.

The book deals with pretty general topics, like the types of poly relationships, but also comes with some useful tips – for instance, on how to deal with being the secondary partner in a hierarchical relationship. Thus, we strongly recommend it even if you’ve been poly for a few years already.

Honorable Mentions

While the above three are, in our opinion, the top books about polyamory, we need to mention several other titles that might be worth reading. These include:

• The Jealousy Workbook: Exercises and Insights for Managing Open Relationships by Kathy Labriola – an excellent resource for dealing with jealousy.

• When Someone You Love Is Polyamorous: Understanding Poly People and Relationships by Dr. Elisabeth Scheff – perfect for your non-poly friends and family.

• Playing Fair by Pepper Mint – a great book on toxic masculinity in heterosexual poly relationships.

The Takeaway

The above is our subjective list of the best polyamory books that are a true must-read. Do you have any other positions you would like to recommend? Then leave a comment and share your favorite publications!

If you’re looking for more valuable poly resources, check out our article on the best polyamory podcasts.

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