Building Trust in Polyamorous Relationships

Jun 8, 2:46 PM | By Chris

How to create trust in a polyamorous relationship? Embrace compersion, make sure that your partners’ emotional needs are met, be honest, set boundaries and support them emotionally. Do you want to find out more? Then keep reading!

How to Create Trust in a Polyamorous Relationship? 5 Tips

Rebuilding broken trust in polyamory is always hard. Thus, you should prevent this from happening, and create trust from the very start of your relationship. How to do this? Here are our 5 tips.


To build trust in a relationship you need to show your trust first. That’s why you need compersion – the feeling of happines when something positive happens to your partners.

It’s normal for people to feel jealous, but if you let these emotions consume you, it will feel as if you do not trust your partners. As a result, they won’t trust you either. Therefore, you need to start with compersion in polyamory relationships.

Meeting Your Partners’ Emotional Needs

Compersion is helpful also in other steps on our list, one of which is meeting your partners’ emotional needs. If you respect the feelings of your significant others, and care to fulfill them, this will automatically build trust in your polyamorous relationship.

Why is it important? Focusing on emotional needs in polyamory shows your partners that you are dedicated to them, that you put your relationship as one of your main priorities. Seeing signs that you want the best for them, they will understand that you have good intentions, hence building trust more quickly.

Being Honest

If you conceal your feelings or any information from your partner, you won’t build trust – sooner or later, they will uncover your secrets, which might make them feel disappointed with the fact that you don’t trust them enough or even cause them to lose trust to you. Thus, one of the most important tips regarding polyamory and trust that we have to you is: be honest.

Even if you are ashamed of something, you made a stupid mistake, or don’t want to put a lot of emotional baggage on your partners, don’t lie and be open. Your partners are there to help you, so you shouldn’t be afraid of being honest with them.

Set Boundaries

How to create trust in a polyamorous relationship? You need to set clear boundaries and respect them. Like in the case of emotional needs, this will show your partners that your intentions are good – if you put their boundaries first, despite some of them being unnatural for you, you’ll be able to show how much you care about your partners, hence evoke trust.

After all, one significant part of trust is feeling comfortable with the other person, no matter what happens or what you tell them – setting and keeping to the boundaries helps with that.

Emotional Support

Another key element of trust is knowing that you can count on the other person. Therefore, you ought to show yout partners that it’s so with you.

Did something unpleasant happen to one of your partners? Comfort them. Are they going to have a really stressful day? Make them a breakfast or give them a small gift. Even small gestures will do, it’s the timing that really matters – you will build trust in polyamory by simply being there for your partners when they truly need you.

The Takeaway

Building trust is easier than rebuilding broken trust, especially in polyamory. Therefore, follow our tips and avoid making mistakes that could cause your partners to lose trust. It’s the cornerstone of any relationship, so don’t overlook it!

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