5 Polygamy Quotes To Inspire and Improve Your Relationship

Mar 4 '2023, 9:31 PM | By Chris

Why are some people motivated or inspired by quotes?

If you pose the question, "What inspires you?", you're likely to hear some individuals offer up what they feel is an inspirational quote. What is it about motivational quotes? Why do they inspire us? That will be examined here. In addition, however, some polygamy quotes will be presented.

What Motivates You?

Different people are inspired by motivational quotes for various reasons:

Primal Aspect: Biology could be at the root of the appeal of motivational quotes and how they affect you. Humans want to look up to leaders and role models and follow them. On a primal level, humans are affected by leaders and their words. The most gravitas is held by words from leaders that are recognized in the arts, politics, business, etc.

Power of Language: You've heard it before, there is power in words. People, in general, have an appetite for wisdom that is well expressed, be it motivational or something else. There is a direct correlation between effectiveness and phrasing – for worse or for better. For example, two quotes can say the same thing, but people are more drawn to the one that is rhyming.

Coaching Factor: The population of people who are inspired by motivational quotes is narrowed by a self-selection process. It can be a good incentive to try harder if you feel that someone else believes you can be successful. If your mentor, coach, or teacher believes you can do something, it's more likely to happen.

Polygamy in America

It is estimated that roughly 60,000 people in America today participate in a polygamous lifestyle. Specific numbers are hard to come by due to the fact that the practice is technically illegal in the USA. People like to fly under the radar so that they are not subject to prosecution or persecution. But polygamists are just as entitled to inspiration as anyone else. That's why some polygamy quotes will be included here, for inspiration and motivation. Once inspired and motivated, there's no telling the heights you can reach in your relationship(s).

Inspiration and Motivation Through Polygamy Sayings and Quotes

Note: Some of these have been minimally altered.

Elbert Hubbard: "Polygamy is the endeavor to get more out of life than there is in it."

Oliver Cowdery: "I will not be controlled, governed, or influenced in my temporal interests by any pretended relevant or ecclesiastical authority whatever, contrary to my personal judgment."

George Q. Cannon: "Children of polygamists, besides being brighter or as bright intellectually, are much stronger and healthier."

Brigham Young: "The only men who become gods… are those who enter into polygamy. Others… cannot reign as kings in glory…"

Bruce R. McConkie: "Obviously, after the second coming of [Jesus], the holy practice of polygamy will commence again."

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