What is Sister Wives About

Jul 3, 9:45 PM | By Chris
What is Sister Wives About

What is the TLC show Sister Wives about? It’s a reality series about the Brown family, with Kody Brown being the main character. Kody is a polygamist, living with his wives and 18 children in Utah. The TV series is focused on their lives and struggles in the polygamic setting, with most attention paid to Kody’s ties to his current and past wives. Do you want to learn more? Then keep reading!

What Is TLC Show Sister Wives About?

Sister Wives is a popular show on TLC that first aired in 2010 and has been actively shot ever since. How many Sister Wives episodes are there now? Currently, eighteen. The number of seasons of the show is the perfect proof of how good this series is and how many fans it has gathered, and the general poly boom in 2018 is yet another, probably caused (at least partially) by this exact show. So, what is Sister Wives about?

The show depicts the lives of Kody Brown, his current wives, and eighteen of their children. The family lives in Utah, and the TV series deeply explores their relationship. It does not only focus on the links between Kody and his current (and past) wives but also on the children and how they are affected by the poly lifestyle.

We need to mention here that it’s reality TV, meaning that the situations in the show are unscripted, though naturally, the show is edited. Moreover, over the course of the 14 years that the show aired, there have been a lot of changes to the family. We could show you the most important timeline, but we won’t since we don’t want to spoil the series for you if you’re just about to start it.

Sister Wives – More Than Just Entertainment

Knowing what Sister Wives is about, you can clearly see that it’s more than just entertainment – it’s a valuable example of polygamy in real life. Naturally, each person will be different, and the challenges that the Brown family faces might not be exactly the same as the obstacles that you’ll need to overcome in your poly relationships. Still, it’s good to watch the series just to see what potential problems might occur in your relationship.

This is especially true about the latest seasons, where we could see the reactions of each of Kody’s wives to a major event (we won’t tell you what event – no spoilers here!) and how their relationship with the whole family differs. Hence, don’t treat Sister Wives as your primary polyamory resource, but do treat it as one.

Engage Yourself in Sister Wives

Naturally, as a long-running TV series, Sister Wives is extremely engaging – you will find yourself on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next episode to find out what has happened. Currently, there is a lot going on in the family, both regarding the last season and what is in store for season 19, so no matter whether you are poly or not, we strongly recommend it.

When will the next season be? It will probably be sometime by the end of 2024. This means that you still have a couple of months to catch up and binge-watch the previous seasons.

The Takeaway

Knowing what the TLC show Sister Wives is about, you should absolutely watch it. We guarantee you that it will be both entertaining and educational, so do not hesitate!

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