Polygamy Helps You Live Your Best Life

Jun 2 '2019, 9:17 PM | By Chris

Life throws new things at you constantly. Some good, some bad, but often surprises you’d never expect. Handling excitement with a little restraint, and disappointment with grace, is an art form people must learn if they want to be happy as they grow older. One of the most tempering factors a person can trust is to be surrounded by people that love them. Polygamous families or groups are incredibly fortunate to be inundated with multiple sources of love. Plenty of shoulders to lean on, people to share affection with, or even minds to pick for advice means the support a polygamist is privy to has them far ahead in the game of life. Maybe polygamy faces so much scrutiny because non-polygamists know this and resent it?

When a man is looking for a sister wife, or a woman is looking to date a polygamist, they are far less limited in options than the average monogamous person. If a woman is interested in a man that already has a wife it doesn’t mean they cannot explore their feelings together. If a woman is with a man already she maintains the option to explore polyandry. Polygamy allows people in relationships more control of their destiny together. Feelings of resentment are easier to avoid because the level of honesty involved, and the ability to set your own unique rules, keeps your love growing and evolving together. The arbitrary limitations of typical monogamous relationships aren’t there to force polygamists into boxes that feel like traps.

While polygamy is essentially a form of polyamory they differ in some key factors. Polyamory can often mean a complete absence of commitment and no desire for any long term relationships. People interested in polygamy dating are looking for long term relationships, and eventually devotion to a group or family. While polyamory certainly also has its perks, the fidelity still inherent in polygamy brings the comfort of a more traditional family life and love into the equation. This may be something some people don’t want, but there is no denying the benefits that are gained from a loving home. 

Day to day life in a family with multiple adults is a glaring bonus. Sharing household responsibilities and financial burdens among five grown-ups is a lot easier than tackling life on your own, or with just one partner. The loss of one job in a household with four other sources of income can be almost unnoticeable for many polygamist families. This isn’t necessarily untrue for polyamorous people, so it may be a perk many of them also enjoy, however, polygamous groups tend to have a more ‘all-in’ attitude. Polyamory often involves a couple only dating others with no desire for anything long term, or an individual remaining single and only ever dating with no strings attached. Polygamy is about building a household, or at least a group, with intentions of staying together until the end. Polygamy is arguably a better choice because it offers permanence, and the stability of knowing you won’t be left out in the cold when life throws a curve-ball. 

The best times for a polygamist group or family are, of course, when everything is going well. Dinner tables surrounded by people that are committed to each others happiness. Holidays with a house full of just your family celebrating the life and joy you share. The joy on the face of a new sister wife being welcomed into the family. A life so full of real bliss results in good things, and good things lead to more good things. The access to so much love and support polygamy offers means everyone involved will have the ability to exponentially produce more good. Polygamy can literally help people make the world a better place!

It’s not always easy to live our best lives. Negativity can build up so easily and people sometimes can’t find their way back to happiness. Through no fault of your own, the world can cave in so hard there is no way to recover. The quality of life polygamy provides can stop the world from caving in and draw out the negativity before it digs too deep. Beyond the day to day fun polygamists enjoy, and the freedom to live as you choose, are some very real advantages that protect you inside and out. Even if you’ve always leaned more into polyamory, you shouldn’t ignore the possibility that polygamy could answer any dilemmas you’re struggling with. Polygamous love can be expressed in many shapes and forms and you won’t regret finding how you can fit in. Building a family or group based on a deep love for one another lifts you up and supports living your best life, and anything helping keep your life 100% is a beautiful thing.

Published By: Christopher Alesich

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