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I’m new to here so I just wanted to say hi. I’m still trying to learn how to work this lol. I don’t even know how to delete a message lmao. I hope everyone has a great experience on here.
Meli0809 Apr 10 '19 · Comments: 4
Hello everyone hope you had a beautiful weekend!! We are a carefree, loving couple she 43 he is 45 looking for a sister and to give and receive love and friendship. If it’s the right fit a loving husband
Lancenance Apr 8 '19
Blessings on this beautiful Sunday evening. Please do not think I am ignoring anyone. I am so shy and completely new to the online poly world!
SapphireP0liish Apr 7 '19 · Tags: new here
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Commune style living in harmony with Nature. No chemicals, harmful rays or artificial stuff. Only Real and Natural Living.

tomv Apr 3 '19 · Comments: 2 · Tags: group love
Hello my name is Tyler my wifes name is Wanda. We are looking to add a wife to our family and are in Hope's this is a good place to start. We live in Las Vegas 
TheThofsons Mar 31 '19 · Comments: 1
Sometimes, when you go from one place to another...when you are still physically in the "old place"...your heart, mind and soul are also in another "newer place"...even IF you are not really there...yet...  Hmm...

Soon enough I guess!!  

LanaTy Mar 28 '19 · Comments: 1 · Tags: moving, new place, old place, heart, mind, soul
...we're sure if anyone out there has EVER moved from one place to another...How grueling the process can be! We're in the stage of inspections and requests from the buyers (us in some instances!) to fix things or have things adjusted.  This is, what I remember from just last JULY, was that there is absolutely NO WAY around any of this...IF you really want to buy a house and sell another!!

Good thing we have our love to keep us steady and moving forward!

Peace out Everyone and Peace Be With You!

Ty & Lana

LanaTy Mar 25 '19 · Comments: 1 · Tags: moving, buyers, sellers, movers, inspections
Looking for a third in Cali if anyone is interested
Kiachamp3100 Mar 20 '19
We sold our house AND bought another...almost in the same day!! YIKES!!! And WOW!!

we're gonna love the older home but more than anything a nice quiet neighborhood!!

Can't wait...except for...all the packing etc.!!  YIKES and DOUBLE WOW!! LOL!!

We are excited!!

Looking for a polygamist couple looking for a single female. I would love to date and possibly build a future.
sarahs23 Mar 17 '19 · Comments: 3
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