7 Common Misconceptions About Lesbian Polyamory

Dec 9 '2022, 7:51 PM | By Chris

Don't assume that you’re unusual or out of the ordinary if, outside the "traditional monogamous lesbian couple model," your own lesbian relationship exists. Truth be told, there are any number of multifarious and multifaceted relationships from which to choose.

An open partnership/marriage – or consistent and devoted relationships with multiple partners – is being chosen by more and more people who are opting out of traditional marriage standards or monogamous partnerships. This includes the LGBT+ population. Here, we'll discuss lesbian polyamory and some of the misconceptions about it.

Polyamorous Relationships

This is more than an open relationship in which a couple is agreeable to inviting new people in from time to time. This is an established relationship between numerous individuals that is agreed upon, devoted, and loving – for all parties concerned.

Let's examine some myths and misconceptions regarding polyamorous relationships and lesbians.

Lesbians Are Inherently Monogamous

While lesbian women may be geared toward bonding, that doesn't mean they have to bond with one single person only. Lesbian polyamory involves dedication and devotion to more than one person.

Poly People Are More Advanced Than Monogamous People

Some people feel the same way about pansexuals. Nobody’s better than anybody else. It's just a matter of having different sexual preferences (and relationship types).

Poly People Don't Ever Feel Jealousy

Anyone can get jealous under the wrong/right circumstances. Anyone!

Polyamory Is a Cure for Cheating

A person who cheats is NOT doing it for the same reasons that a polyamorous person seeks multiple relationships. The psyche is completely different.

Polyamory Is All about Sex

Some people who are involved in polyamory may simply want to have a close, romantic relationship, while others will want to have actual sex with their multiple partners.

Polyamorous Relationships Involve Three People All the Time

Any number of people can be involved in a polyamorous relationship. The specific relationship between the parties involved – and how it is handled – can be sexual, friendly, or romantic in nature. It all depends on their wants, needs, etc. The important thing is that they are all in agreement where multiple (albeit devoted and dedicated) partners is concerned.

Polyamorous Relationships – Lesbians Versus Gay Men

There is a misconception that gay men are more prone to polyamorous relationships than are lesbians. In fact, one serious conception is that of the complete inability of a gay man to have a monogamous relationship. Here's the deal: Both lesbians and gay men can have monogamous or polyamorous relationships. It all depends on the individual and their partner(s).

Gay men can be just as devoted to a single partner as can a lesbian or a heterosexual person. What's in your heart and what's in your head – where love and devotion are concerned – are not predetermined by your sex or sexual orientation.

People are people – each one unique and special. There is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to love.

If you are not a lesbian, or you’re not interested in polyamorous relationships with lesbians – but rather, you are heterosexual – you may be interested in or curious about becoming involved in a polygamous lifestyle.

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