7 Negative Comments To Stop Making About A Polyamorous Person

Apr 27 '2023, 2:34 PM | By Chris

There is no relationship model in polyamory, which is one of its outstanding features. While hierarchical poly couples are frequently featured in the media, not all poly people are part of a pair. There are a lot of single polyamorous persons, solo-polys (those who view themselves as their primary partner), and on the other end of the spectrum, triad and quad members. But, being a part of a polyamorous person has its own distinct set of misconceptions and reactions, regardless of whether you consider yourself to be one or are simply perceived that way by outside onlookers.

Most people can rationalize poly singles as "simply dating around" in their minds. Perhaps the message they have heard their entire lives is that sexual exclusivity is required for a relationship. Unfortunately, this isn't always true, which frequently results in people passing negative comments about a polyamorous person they come by. Some such comments are based on destructive myths and norms, while some remarks are just amusingly ignorant. Being part of a civilized society, it is important to respect relationships around us, irrespective of whether you like it or not.

Here are seven negative comments to stop making about polyamorous people. 

“Can I Join You Guys Too?”

When it comes to group sex, poly individuals have different preferences than mono people. While some couples are open to having a guest star in the bedroom, others find it to be completely offensive. Also, it is an arrogant and disrespectful act to pose such a question!

“Are You into Poly Because of Your Partner’s Poor Performance in Bed?”

No, poly doesn't really revolve around sex. Recall that asexual people exist and that a polyamorous person or couple has lives outside the bed too! 

“Aren’t You Concerned That Your Partner Will Leave You for Someone Else?”

A polyamorous person is usually less anxious than a monogamous couple since their partner doesn't have to leave to pursue a new interest. In addition, a lot of non-monogamy couples discover that being open to one another strengthens their bond.

“Don't You Feel Envious?”

Yes! Again, we're not some homogeneous bunch; poly individuals are susceptible to various degrees of envy, just as mono folks. Jealousy is a normal human emotion; thus, we all experience it occasionally. Simply said, poly people prefer to react to it in different ways.

“What About Children?”

Many polyamorous people have children, but many others do not. It’s an absolutely personal decision that no outsider has to interfere with!

"I Wouldn't Allow My Partner to Do It"

Nobody, irrespective of the nature of the relationship, owns their partner. No one has authority over their mind and body. It’s common to see guys congratulating each other on their girlfriends “letting’ them sleep with other women, giving it a sense of material accomplishment! Not just in poly, but also in other relationships, patriarchy can be destructive. 

“Ah, I See You're Free Then”

You shouldn't hit on someone who seems to be in any sort of relationship. Whether it be poly or monogamy, give and take respect. That’s merely common sense when living in an educated society. 

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