Reasons Why People Choose Polyamory

May 14, 6:32 PM | By Chris

What are the reasons why people choose polyamory? Sometimes, it's just their beliefs; at other times, this decision is made because monogamy just doesn’t work for them. There are also situations in which the circumstances offer a poly option, so people start to pursue it. Finally, they may make the choice to find new energy in their relationship without giving up on the existing one. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

The Most Common Reasons to Try Polyamory

So, why do people choose polyamory? Here are the most common reasons:


One of the most typical reasons for choosing polyamory is the individual beliefs of the person. These can have their roots in the culture or religion of the given individual (take, for instance, Islam, where polygamy is legal and accepted), or even derive from the person’s own beliefs.

For example, some people claim that monogamy is an artificial construct created by society or governments. In such cases, they are likely to pursue non-monogamous alternatives.

Monogamy Does Not Work

When considering polyamory, you and your partner need to be on board and satisfied with the outcome. The same goes for staying monogamous.

Another reason why some people try polyamory is because they feel unhappy or limited in monogamous relationships. They seek a change, one that could bring joy to them, and often polyamory is their choice. Does it always work out? Not always, but often, it is what these people need.

We have to underline here, though, that polyamory is not cheating, so we do not mean those who choose to cheat on their partners in monogamous relationships.


One more reason why people choose polyamory is… because they are presented with an opportunity to do so. Let’s look at an example of this.

A woman starts dating a man who is polyamorous. She accepts it while remaining monogamous herself. In the end, she sees how comfortable she is with her partner’s polyamory and decides to try it.

Another possibility is when you meet and befriend a poly couple, and they offer you to… have some fun together. Naturally, this is not common, but together with the example above, it depicts the circumstances that could get somebody to try polyamory perfectly.

Finding New Energy in a Relationship

Sometimes, you're happy with what you’ve got in your relationship, but you still feel that a breath of fresh air would do you both good. Some people try to find this new energy by deciding to go poly.

It’s important to note here that not every couple decides to go full-on poly – there might be cases when it is a temporary arrangement. Nevertheless, looking for new without losing the old is one of the most common reasons to try polyamory.

Want to Try Polyamory? See Our App!

If any of these reasons apply to you, don’t limit yourself – try polyamory! Remember that, if you are in a relationship, this has to be consensual. Your partner does not have to try polyamory themself, but they need to be happy with you doing so.

When you’re all clear, just sign up for our poly dating app. You’ll find thousands of like-minded people there, with whom you can explore polyamory in and out.

The Takeaway

As you can see, there are many different reasons why people choose polyamory. No matter what drives you, remember – there’s nothing to be ashamed of; you deserve to live as you wish, so don’t be afraid to experiment with polyamory!

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