Sister Wives How Many Seasons

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Sister Wives How Many Seasons

How many seasons of Sister Wives are there? 18 in total. Despite its bumpy road and a short hiatus, the TV series has been aired since 2010, with the latest season dropping in 2023. In this article, we will take a closer look at all of the seasons and answer all your questions regarding the series. Did we spark your attention? Then read on!

How Many Seasons of Sister Wives Aired Already?

Sister Wives has had a bumpy road ever since its release in 2010. While it gained a lot of popularity ever since, we must not forget the 2018 hiatus, when there were even rumors about the end of the series. Thankfully, this was all fake news, and TLC did not cancel Sister Wives, though we must admit that even we here were tricked by the fake information, at least at the start. So, how many Sister Wives seasons have been aired already?

The answer is eighteen. However, we are waiting with high anticipation for the nineteenth season, which, according to IMDb, has been confirmed by Christine Brown. When will it be aired? Rumor has it that sometime by the end of 2024. However, this remains to be seen.

There’s also one more question about the show's 19th season – how will it tackle the death of its main characters? Garrison Brown passed away this year (2024), and we don’t know whether this topic will be tackled in the series or marginalized.

Preparing for Season 19 – Let’s Recap The Past Few Seasons

Knowing how many seasons of Sister Wives there are, you might probably feel overwhelmed with the amount of material and find it difficult to remember everything. Don’t worry – here’s a brief recap of the last two seasons to prepare you for the upcoming premier.

Season 17

This season is marked by significant tension and emotional upheavals, especially surrounding Christine's decision to break up with Kody and the family. Her departure marks a pivotal moment in the series, highlighting the strains within the relationships and the differing perspectives on family and loyalty.

Kody grapples with the fallout from Christine's departure, expressing feelings of betrayal and reflecting on the implications for the family's unity. Meanwhile, the varying reactions of the other wives are shown: 

• Janelle supports Christine's decision and struggles with her own relationship with Kody.

• Meri tries to find her place within the family dynamics despite her long-standing issues with Kody. 

• Robyn, often seen as Kody's favorite, feels the pressure of maintaining the family's cohesion.

The children also play a significant role this season, with many of them voicing their opinions on the separation and its impact on their lives. The older children, in particular, provide insight into how the family’s lifestyle has affected them growing up. The season concludes with the Browns attempting to find a new normal amidst the ongoing changes, setting the stage for further developments in their relationships and individual paths.

Season 18

This season continues to explore the aftermath of Christine's departure and its ripple effects throughout the Brown family. Kody's relationships with his remaining wives face unprecedented challenges as they each reassess their roles and connections within the family. Janelle's and Kody's relationship becomes increasingly strained, leading to frank discussions about their future together.

Robyn finds herself increasingly isolated, feeling the pressure to hold the family together while dealing with her own fears and insecurities. Meri continues to struggle with her place in the family, facing the reality of her distant relationship with Kody and the other wives. The season also highlights the wives' individual pursuits and how they balance these with their family responsibilities.

The children again provide a critical perspective, with some expressing relief over the changes while others struggle to cope. The season includes significant milestones and personal achievements, such as new business ventures, educational pursuits, and personal growth journeys, offering a comprehensive look at how each family member is adapting to the new family structure.

The Takeaway

How many seasons of Sister Wives are there? 18, though a 19th season is on its way. We can expect a lot of things happening in the lives of the Brown family, so we can’t wait to see the next season, which should be aired sometime by the end of this year!

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