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I sit here and ponder, is our love out there? We have so much love to offer that special woman that wants it, but it seems she’s nowhere to be found! Come to us love we are waiting!!

Instructions for tuning in and participating: dial (773) 897-6398 or use the link to listen at

We probably should have named this one Choosy Lovers or If we can't be lovers. Polygamy is a topic of hit debate nowadays. Join us as we discuss the fascination with people having more than one lover. The good, bad, and ugly. Is it selfish? Is it custom? Is it being open and honest? Is this what faithful is? We will have special guests from on to speak to us about the concept and construct of how polygamy works.

robynk Apr 10 · Comments: 2 · Tags: sister wives, sisterwives, gumbo talk
Comment with your favorite vacation!!! 

My favorite are cruises...I've been on 4 and plan on going on a ton more!! -- rhyme kinda just happened

Ma77ory Apr 1
 So my husband and I are very new to this and trying to figure out exactly what we want and how to find someone who will fit not only with us but with our family and be able to be confident enough to come and be apart of our relationship even though we have been together for 11 years before her. The more I look into what we want I found that what we are looking for is a polyamorous relationship. Which means all 3 of us in love and in a relationship together. I want the woman to be our best friend, our missing piece, our love. I want her to be able to be in my place and be the "mom/wife" if I have to be away and when I am there we do it all together. I want her to be just as important in my family as I am and I want her and I to both be comfortable with each other that there is no uncomfortable awkwardness between us or no competition. I want her to be working towards the same goals as us and us all be a family. I dont know if we will find what we are looking for but i really hope we do and I dont know if what I'm hoping for is something that will even be appealing to someone. I guess I will hope to just find someone who can start out as a friend and we can let it grow naturally and will hopefully grow into something special and unique. Has anyone had any luck on her or anywhere? Is this the best way to find what we are looking for?


HimandI253 Mar 22 · Comments: 1
what does everyone have planned for the weekend?? 
donq2 Mar 10
Spending another Saturday evening alone when I’d rather be with you... hoping we meet soon, I’m ready!
Im4you2 Mar 4 · Comments: 2

Hi everybody! I'm 28 years old and I'm a fun, spontaneous, loving, and compassionate person that loves caring about others. I believe that plural marriage is a great thing. Having the privilege to be married to multiple wives not only makes the marriage more loving, it also brings more support within it and makes the family stronger and unbreakable. I love the idea of being with people of many different backgrounds with different opinions which adds more flavor and color to the family.

I'm basically here because I'm looking for a real long lasting meaningful relationship and marriage. I'm hoping to find at least 2 or 3 women that are social loving, don't mind being in a relationship with other women, and open to any possibilities in the future. I also want a relationship that is based on equality, love, trust, and respect. I feel like my heart is too big for just one person and would like to share my life with others. I would always be emotionally available and nobody would ever be left out of anything.

If I were to have a plural marriage, I want everybody's voice and opinion heard. I want everybody to contribute to the marriage. Love, faith, honesty, respect, and trust are very important and want nothing less of that.

I live in the Stamford, CT area. I'm Irish descent born here and come from a good family. I work and enjoy watching Netflix. I also like to exercise. I love getting out once in a while to enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy going to the beach and camping. I use to work at a nature center educating a school group about the animals we have there. I'm an avid cyclist and been doing that for the past 18 years. I love singing and been doing that for 17 years. I also love joking around a lot.

Hope to find a loving, honest, compassionate relationship with 2 or 3 women on here for a long-term relationship or marriage. To picture the love and support my spouses would bring to the family after a long day. And to do everything I could to make my women happy and very appreciated and loved. If anybody is interested, feel free to message me

mjhhjm90 Feb 28
      my name is Heidi I have been married twice before but both marriages failed for one reason or another.I have some mental disability as well as physical ones that most cant handle and I was wondering does anyone have any advice for some one who really knows nothing of this life style has only seen or heard about it on tlc's sister wives.I am lonely and tired of being that way!
Hello Everyone,

As most of you guys Know, me and Robyn Own and Run this site...

A Problem we run into while matchmaking, is Games....

Listen, I will be the first to tell you, we are not immune to anything at all. The facts are, A Lot of Couples and Groups met there match here on sister wives, it makes me happy to know that I do help the community, and Help many people seeking a sister wife find there matches... 

Anyways I will share some of our Professional Advice with you guys to help minimize heartache. 


Note: THESE are Time Frames everyone should be aware of.

1. If He/She will not Hop on a Phone Call with you within a Day or 2, STOP Wasting Your Time. NEXT.

2. VIDEO Chat, by 2 or 3 days of Talking, 1 week max, if He/She will not video chat, STOP Wasting your Time, You Might be getting Cat fished or played.

3. This is the Big one, If He or She is not willing to Meet you within 1 Month, STOP Wasting your Time, By now there will be some heartache, but you can not have a virtual relationship. It is time to move to the next step in the relationship, and that includes proper courting/dating.

and Finally the Last

4. By 2 - 6 months if He or She is not willing to move closer, or at least plan to... You Probably Wasted your Time. Sorry 

I base this off my relationship, and in my experience with polygamy matchmaking.

Best of Luck to you all.

When no one responds, or when they send back one liners. I wished I knew what to do differently on my end to actually get a response. I am serious in my search but the single women dont seem to be as serious.
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